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Best curly hair products confimed! Hair Awards Winners 2023

As you may already know, we were finalists for 15 categories in the 2023 Hair Awards 2023! We won 6 of those categories. 4 of which were for our fantastic curl range; Elasti-Curl!

We were particularly proud of our entire Elasti-Curl range Best Afro Natural Hair Range!

Let’s take a look at the winning products and categories!

hair awards 2023 winners

Elasti-curl Textured Detangling Hair Mask – Best Afro Hair Mask

The perfect mask for detangling your hair while leaving it nourished, conditioned and frizz free! This mask was made to detangle curly hair, with an easy to apply texture and anti-frizz technology!

We know it can be a drag to keep a mask on your hair for hours on end, and in fact, that’s not always the best thing for your hair. Our detangling hair mask only needs 5-10 minutes to work its magic!

Elasti-curl Shampoo and Conditioner – Best Afro Shampoo and Conditioner

This duo was scientifically designed for your curly hair needs; rich in coconut oil to keep your hair nourished, and overflowing with a chia and inchi Sacha oil blend to restore elasticity and shine.

We put coconut oil in our elastic-curl range because it is rich in saturated fats. This wondrous ingredient restores hydration of curly hair, giving it shine, and smoothness, and tames frizz!!

Elasti-curl Bouncy Curls Hair Oil -Best Afro Hair Oil

This oil makes the hair softer and shinier, helping to seal the hair cuticles and to maintain nourishment and hydration. It can also be used as a pre-poo for protection and locked in moisture.

Our bouncy curl hair oil is perfect for nourishing and elasticising curly and wavy hair. It helps to seal the hair cuticle, resulting in shinier, softer, hydrated locks!

Elasti-curl Range – Best Afro Natural Hair Range

The entire Elasti-Curl range is enriched with organic coconut oil, chia seed oil and sacha inchi oil, it has a nourishing and conditioning effect.

While the coconut oil helps to hydrate and nourish the hair, chai and inchi sacha oil blended to help restore shininess and elasticity to the hair!

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How to tell if your hair has too much protein

How to tell if your hair has too much protein

Protein is essential for hair health and growth. In fact, our hair is mostly made up of the protein keratin. Protein filled products can help to restore damaged hair and promote healthier, stronger strands. For hair that is bleached, dyed, or regularly heat styled, adding a protein to your hair care routine can help restore your lock’s lustre, elasticity, and overall health. But, too much protein can be damaging! So let’s answer the question on all of our lips, how to tell if your hair has too much protein?

What Causes Protein Overload?

When you overuse hair products containing protein, you will inevitably cause protein overload. You must balance your protein products with moisture or you’re going to have a problem. This does not mean to skip the protein treatments all together as they are a very important part of hair health, simply use them in moderation.

Signs Your Hair Has Too Much Protein

The first major sign of protein overload is a change in texture and look. Has your hair become brittle, dry or still after a treatment containing protein? If so, its time to scale back! Looking more closely at the hair, too much protein can cause split ends, breakage and shedding. If your hairbrush is looking more full than usual after brushing, it could be a tell tell sign of protein bombardment. A final sign is a change in curl pattern and texture. Your strands may feel course and your curls may be struggling to hold shape.


Take an inch of your hair and stretch it, if it doesn’t stretch or breaks, feels dry and rough, it is brittle/damaged and needs moisture treatment. If the hair stretches far and does not return and/or breaks, feels mushy, gummy or cotton candy-like, your hair needs protein.


Prevent Too Much Protein In Your Hair

The easiest way to prevent protein overload is to drastically cut back on the products containing protein. As a general rule, products containing HIGH protein should only be used once per month for healthy hair/curls. If you are unsure on how often to use these products, consult an insight stylist or experiment with timing and the protein test above.

The best way to avoid too much protein in your hair is to use products that have a science led balance of protein to moisture. Insight’s award winning Hair Mask cannot be matched for perfection of balance. Recognised as 2023’s Best Afro Hair Mask and Best Afro Conditioner, it’s no surprise that it’s popping up in salons all over the county!

best Afro Hair Mask

What to do if your hair has too much protein

So, you’ve just found out your hair already has too much protein, what do you do now? Pre-poo your hair using our Hair Oil, and then use a clarifying shampoo. Next, use our Anti-Frizz Hydrating Mask to inject maximum moisture into your strands. Continue with this routine until hair returns to normal and you are no longer showing the signs of protein overload.

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curly hair questions should I sleep in a satin bonnet

Curly Hair Questions: Should I Sleep in a satin bonnet?

Curls need extra protection as they are more prone to dryness, frizz and breakage. So why wouldn’t you look after your hair the same way you would look after your skin?

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of sleeping in a satin bonnet and find out if it is really worth it!


While we sleep, we move, A LOT, and as we do our hair gets stuck on our pillows, in our armpits, and on our bodies which causes breakage and split ends. Sleeping in a satin bonnet stops this from happening, it reduces the friction and stress on the hair, which in turn will help to control frizz.


Our cotton pillowcases and bed sheets actually absorb moisture from our hair overnight making it dryer. By wearing a satin bonnet you can apply your hair oils, a mask, or any other products, and the bonnet will help to keep them on your hair instead of your bedding!

Try Hair Awards 2023 double winner, ELASTI-CURL BOUNCY CURLS HAIR OIL on your ends before putting your hair carefully in your satin bonnet for intense curl hydration!


Sleeping with a satin bonnet stops you from waking up the next day wondering what the hell went on in your sleep! It keeps your hair from getting matted, tangled and unruly!


We’re not saying that wearing a satin bonnet stops breakouts completely, but they do help to reduce breakouts as they stops the oils, or products that you put on your hair overnight, from dripping down to your face.


Whenever you go to sleep with an overnight mask or hair oils there is nothing stopping the products from running onto your bedding. With the low price of a satin bonnet we think it is much better to invest in one than it is to keep having to get new bedding!


Most of us don’t have enough time in a day to do our hair every single morning! Wearing a satin bonnet to bed helps keep the hairstyle in position meaning you can quite literally get up and go!

Do you wear a satin bonnet to bed? Has it changed your life/curls? Let us know!

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curly hair tips

Curly Hair Tips: Deep Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Curls are notorious for dryness! Deep conditioning can quench your curls, but did you know there is a tried and tested way to deep condition to ensure maximum curl benefits! Check out these curly hair tips…

Let’s take a look at the mistakes you may be making whilst deep conditioning your curls.

The product itself

With all the curl hype in recent years, you’re sure to know your curl type? If not, take a look at our blog about curl types. If you have a loose, thin hair texture; type 2 and 3a, you need a deep conditioner that is not too heavy. Tighter type 4 curls on the other hand should opt for a the opposite; a heavy product.

As well as consideration to your curl type, it is necessary to determine whether your hair is low or high porosity, chemically treated, damaged, or has breakage/brittleness. While every deep conditioner is of course made to deep condition and nourish, some will be packed with ingredients to add protein. Protein filled products rebuild and strengthen hair strands, however, too much protein can lead to split ends and breakage. If you want to know the signs of your hair having too much protein, read this blog.

Insight has recently launched a wondrous curl mask that is the ultimate deep conditioning treatment for type 4 curls! The product won 2 awards at the 2023 Hair Awards!


Your Timing

Do you deep condition too long? Too short? Not often enough? We suggest deep conditioning on a regular basis rather than for extended periods of time (overnight for example). For most curly hair, once per week is perfect! However, listen to your hair! If you feel you need more/less, then do it! Experiment until you find the ideal curl routine!

So, you have your frequency spot on, how about your leave on time? Deep conditioning treatments have instructions for a reason, take note! Leaving products on far longer than the required time can be damaging to your curl pattern, cause scalp irritation and build up that weigh your curls down.

Insights ELASTI-CURL TEXTURED CURLY HAIR DETANGLING MASK only needs to be left on for 5-10minutes.

The right way round

We hear so many influencers and social accounts shouting about the new innovative way to do things, until those myths are debunked and we stick to the solid way of life!

Always deep condition your curls after you shampoo, not before. Shampoo cleanses and strips the hair of natural oils (moisture), so shampooing after you apply deep conditioner will simply strip away all the moisturising goodness. Deep conditioner restores hair moisture and rebalances after you shampoo.

Deep conditioning your hair and then shampoo is technically a pre-pop. Pre-pooing is fab when extra moisture is needed but it’s NOT counted as a deep condition! For the perfect pre-poo, try Hair Awards 2023 double winner, ELASTI-CURL BOUNCY CURLS HAIR OIL.

“The mixture of phyto-oils inside makes it perfect for different uses, both as a finishing product and as a pre-shampoo treatment . This last use, especially recommended for thicker and denser curls, consists in applying a dose of elasticizing oil to dry hair before shampooing, and keeping it on for a few minutes, or even longer. This process will help untangle them and give the hair a boost of nourishment.”

Heat things up

We hear that adding heat is always bad right? Welllllll… not always when it comes to deep conditioning.

If you have low porosity hair, adding heat whilst you deep condition is a game changer! Adding heat will open up the hair cuticle so the moisturising formula can penetrate deep into the hair. Low porosity hair is very resistant to moisture absorption, it will gather product on top of the cuticles, not letting the rich conditioning action take place.

So, how can you add heat safely? Firstly, you can heat up your deep conditioner before you use it; place your product in hot water (not too hot as to damage the packaging). You can sit in a steamy bath whilst the deep conditioner is on your hair. Make sure you slather on body butter after, to replenish your sure to be dry skin. You may also use a hooded hair dryer to blast some indirect heat on your head.

Have you been making any of these mistakes? Let us know! Do you have any tips we could add to ensure our customers have the healthiest curls possible?

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ELASTI-CURL TEXTURED: professional formulas for curly hair type 4

The world of curly hair is complex and wide. There are different types of curly hair, but the key words are HYDRATION and NUTRITION. Only a specific product line that has been developed and designed for this kind of hair can fully satisfy its needs.

After Insight ELASTI-CURL, finally INSIGHT ELASTI-CURL TEXTURED will make its way onto the international market: a capsule collection dedicated to the most coily and textured hair, with formulas designed for and specific to the needs of type 4 curly hair (coily or kinky).


This curly hair pattern is often also called “afro-textured” or “tight spiral”, and it is characterized by an extremely dense pattern, high porosity, and fragility; qualities that make this kind of hair particularly prone to breaking if not treated accordingly. The curl can vary, ranging from tight to very tight, becoming increasingly defined as the curvature varies.


Considering the characteristics of type 4 curls hair (coily or kinky), Insight Professional created ELASTI-CURL TEXTURED products, that can be used along with the ELASTI-CURL ones.

A lightweight texture fluid that hydrates and detangles hair, promoting healthy and tamed curls.

A light fixing spray, that helps protect the curls from environmental humidity while adding hydration.

An oil-serum made with a high percentage of natural ingredients, with a nourishing and emollient action that revitalizes the hair, restoring shine and elasticity.

UA mask for detangling curly hair, with an easy-to-apply texture, and an anti-frizz and conditioning action.


Every product of the ELASTI-CURL and ELASTI-CURL TEXTURED lines is enriched with three naturally derived oils, selected for their nourishing and elasticizing properties:

Coconut oil is one of the most loved natural hair care oils, especially for those in need of an extra level of hydration. It is rich in saturated fats, that have a nourishing, soothing, and repairing action on the hair. Coconut oil restores the right level of hydration to curly hair, giving curly hair shininess and smoothness and contrasting the frizz effect.

This oil blend restores elasticity and shininess to the hair, thanks to the high concentration of tocopherol and fatty acids. Chia seeds’ oil antioxidant properties, in synergy with the nourishing action of Sancha Inchi’s oil, protect curly hair from external aggression and helps it retain water.

#TresureYourTexture with Elasti-Curl Textured!

hair awards 2023 winners


Insight Elasti-Curl


Insight Elasti-Curl Pure Mild Shampoo And Elasti-Curl Textured Curly Hair Detangling Mask


Insight Elasti-Curl Bouncy Curls Hair Oil


Insight Elasti-Curl Textured Curly Hair Detangling Mask

insight intech heat protection shield

Why it’s SO important to use heat protection!

Heat protection is so important for everyday hair care! But do we really understand why? Well, you can find out why here!

What happens if we don’t use heat protection?

After you have freshly coloured your hair the last thing you want to do is immediately strip it of colour; this is what happens when you don’t use protection! The heat strips natural and artificial colour pigments in the hair. The heat also breaks down the natural keratin protein that gives hair strength and elasticity.

By adding heat protection you are adding a protective barrier to the hair from the heated tool; you’re also locking in moisture and helping to prevent frizz. These wonder products also help to keep the hair cuticle smooth, which in turn, creates hair that looks shinier, and feels silky soft to touch.

The very best heat protection products contain the ingredients:

Humectants eg; panthenol and propylene glycol- These work by preserving the moisture and blocking the frizz!

Amino acids, strengthen the hair and are packed with antioxidants

Natural oils and extracts such as aloe, which protect and seal the hair cuticle

Some heat protectors use silicones such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone, these are not water-soluble and leave a film over the hair; weighing it down, and potentially stopping the hair from receiving moisture, air, and nutrients! There is much debate about the subject! We asked our customers who agreed they always choose water-soluble heat protection on their clients and theirselves!

Insight Professional Heat Protection Shield is professionally approved and does not contain any of the nasties above.

insight intech heat protection shield

How to use Insight heat protection shield:

Use on either dry or damp hair. Before you blow dry, or use heat tools, give the hair a spray so you lock in all the moisture, add protection, and leave your client’s hair feeling soft and fresh!

How do you find the best heat protector for your client’s hair?

Finding the best heat defence for your client’s hair is really important as using the wrong one will end up weighing the hair down and in turn ruining the end results!

To find out which heat protector is the best you need to determine

  1. What is your client’s hair type? For example, serums will not work for client’s with fine hair.
  2. What ingredients are in the spray? Look for high-quality and nourishing ingredients, including natural oils and extracts.
  3. Is the product easily attainable for your client? Remember it’s not always easy for clients to buy professional products. Can you provide the products you recommend?

Insight’s Heat Protection Shield is suitable for ALL hair types, will not weigh hair down and if filled with the very best natural ingredients. Our little wonder product is also easily attainable via an insight salon, your salon’s website/Instagram shop OR online.

What to do if your client’s hair is damaged ‘beyond repair’?

Bare in mind that heat protection spray doesn’t completely stop heat damage so it is important to fill your client’s in with ways to keep their hair healthy (like using a mask once a week and not using heat tools too often).

If your client’s come in and their hair feels straw like, or is breaking when you touch it, they may be dealing with heat damage! There are ways to save this which you can do during the appointment and give them as after care to get the hair back to its natural state!

Start by using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any product that has built up on the hair, and follow that with a deep conditioner or a hair mask. We recommend the Insight Damaged Hair Mask. Pick out a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for everyday use. We recommend the Insight Daily Use shampoo and conditioner, which is sulphate-free, cruelty-free and vegan ok!

Add a leave-in conditioner which will keep their hair protected from the elements and help to restore your client’s hair. Lastly, make sure they are getting regular trims, taking off the dead ends will promote healthy hair and keep it from breaking at the ends. And OBVIOUSLY, tell them to lay off the heat while their hair is repairing!

insight intech heat protection shield

If you have any other tips and tricks on how to keep your client’s hair healthy let us know on by sending a dm on Instagram!

insight professional hair awards 2023

Insight Professional: Hair Awards 2023 finalist!

We’re back again with 15 products up for an award! We’re so thrilled and honoured to have our products recognised as, potentially, the best hair products 2023, in the professional category! Let’s take a look at our future (fingers-crossed) winners…

To start, we have the very best all-rounder; Insight Daily Use, Melted, Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This fabulous, NEW for 2022 duo is up for Best Shampoo and Conditioner for daily use.

Compact, concentrated, and environmentally friendly, the Daily Use Melted Energizing duo are specially designed to save water, save space, travel with you, and double your uses compared to its liquid form.

We also have on the melted side, Dry Melted Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner! The shampoo is made with a melting texture, created to cleanse dry or damaged hair. It helps to promote hydration and elasticity! Enriched with organic oat extract and nourishing phytocomplex (coconut oil, illipe butter, sweet almond oil).

This is up for the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair!

Next up is our Lenitive Shampoo and Lenitive Scalp Comfort Cream, this is up for the best duo for scalp care!

This perfect combo contains prickly pear extract, organic aloe extract and organic mallow extract. It really has it all, environmentally friendly packaging and helps your scalp. No wonder it’s nominated as the best!

On to Blonde Cold Reflections! Our brightening shampoo and hair mask are in the running for the best shampoo and conditioner for blondes! This shampoo cleanses while taking out the yellow brassy tones, leaving it looking cool.

It is enriched with organic oat extract, organic chestnut extract and organic chamomile extract to preserve the hydration of treated hair.

Also in the Cold Reflections category The Cold Reflections Brightening Shampoo is up for the best purple shampoo! Enriched with organic oat extract, organic chamomile extract and organic chestnut extract to help keep the hydration of treated hair.

Banishing yellow/brassy tones to keep your hair looking cooler for longer!

Next, the Anti-Frizz Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner is up for the best smoothing/straightening shampoo and conditioner!

Contains organic carrot extract and an antioxidant phytocomplex (soy butter, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil). Leaves hair feeling hydrated, easier to comb through and controls frizz!

The next one is a gooden! Our Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner are the best combo to help repair your hair. This combo is up for the best cruelty-free/vegan shampoo and conditioner!

Contains organic wheat germ extract, plus a restorative phytocomplex (olive butter, argan oil, rice bran oil). All of our packaging is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It’s easy to see why we are up for the best vegan/cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner!

Also in the lineup for the best volumizing product is (drum roll please!) the Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse! With its gas-free formula, the eco mousse has a volumizing effect!

Contains organic hibiscus extract and organic hawthorn extract for a conditioning effect on the hair.

It is no surprise that we also are in for the best Heat Protection Shield! With yeast extract, organic linseed and bamboo extracts it’s formula helps prevent damage caused by heated tools!

It can be used on damp hair before you blow dry the hair or on dry hair before the hot tools!

We are very excited about the best permanent colour that is in the running!! Our INCOLOR Hydra Colour Cream is one of our most popular products! And we are about to tell you why!

This colour comes in 73 different shades, and has low ammonia AND organic baobab oil and walnut extract for maximum hydration! If that isn’t enough to make us the best colour it also has 100% grey coverage!

With curls taking the world by storm recently we are delighted that our Elasti-Curl Curls Defining Hair Cream has been nominated for the best styling product for curls!

Sticking with the curls, we also have the Elasti-Curl Pure Mild Shampoo and Elasti-Curl Textured Curly Hair Detangling Mask in for the best Afro shampoo and conditioner!

These products are designed especially for your curly hair needs, with coconut oil to keep your hair nourished, and chai and inchi sacha oil blended to restore elastisity and shininess to the hair!

Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats, that help by soothing, nourishing and repairing. Coconut oil restores the right level of hydration to curly hair, giving the shine, and smoothness and taming the frizz! These ingredients help protect curly hair from external aggressions while retaining water in the hair!

On to the Elasti-Curl Bouncy Curls hair oil, up for the Best Afro Hair Oil! This oil makes the hair softer and shinier, helping to seal the hair cuticles and to maintain nourishment and hydration.

And of course, our famous Elasti-Curl Textured Curly Hair Detangling Mask is up for the Best Afro Hair Mask! The perfect mask for detangling your hair while leaving it feeling nourished, conditioned and frizz free!

Lastly, with all of these benefits to afro hair it is no wonder the WHOLE Elasti-Curl Range is also in the mix as a finalist for Best Afro Natural Hair Range!! The entire Elasti-Curl range is enriched with organic coconut oil, chia seed oil and sacha inchi oil, it has a nourishing and conditioning effect.

We can not wait to share which of these products (if not all of them!) will be winners!!

toned and even skin

Step by Step: Toned and Even Skin in Winter

Want to know the perfect body routine for the winter? Consistency really makes all the difference! Get toned and even skin with us now….

We all know good habits make a difference! Yet, we often lose interest in a regime when we don’t see immediate results. But, as with all things, patience and consistency always pay off, especially when it comes to body care.

A regular body routine, using the right products will sine in just a few weeks: the skin on the body will appear more toned, hydrated and firm, especially during the winter months, when dehydration and dryness are prevalent.

We’ve devised a simple step by step to healthy, toned and even skin. Let’s go through the steps together!

Step 1: Exfoliation

Whether it’s a scrub, a peel or a brush, the goal is always the same: exfoliate. If you’re a complete novice to skin care, exfoliation is the act of removing dead skin cells that are sitting on the skins surface. Regular exfoliation makes room for new, healthy cells, and stimulates collagen; improving skin’s texture, skin tone, integrity, and keep the skin plump, tight and young. Also, dead skin cells reduce the effects of skincare due to reduced absorption and penetration. For more information on techniques and importance, read our recent exfoliation article.

Step 2: Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

After exfoliating, it’s time for a nice invigorating shower or bath. Choose an effective but gentle cleanser, and preferably opt for lukewarm water. We advise you limit baths, as the hotter water can weaken the skin barrier, and they’re also less environmentally friendly. However, we won’t tell you to eliminate them completely as they can do wonders for relaxation, and mental health.

Back to the ideal cleanser; you want a formula that leaves the skin clean and hydrated, with a formula high in natural ingredients, with no nasties. Our Body Cleanser ticks all the boxes! It’s even Cosmos certified; guaranteeing environmentally friendly production and processes respecting also human health.

A final note; it’s a cleanser you can use all year round! Skin care enthusiasts will tell you they switch products with he seasons, and maybe even with their mood. But, with our product, it will satisfy and nourish summer skin, winter skin, and all times between, due to its light and gentle, yet deeply hydrating formula.

insight skin body cleanser
INSIGHT Body Cleanser (mini)

Next Stop: Hydration Station (Step 3)

Moisturising skin after a shower is crucial to keeping it supple, healthy, toned and even. Choose a moisturising cream or lotion, depending on your needs or preferences. If your skin feels particularly dry and tight after showering, it means it needs a little extra nourishment. In this case, one of our Insight users have suggested their top tip.

* Mix Insight Nourishing Body Cream with a few drops of Insight Body Oil and you will be soft, smooth and glowy all day. It’s my favourite winter skin hack or for days I just need a little MORE *

Whichever your product of choice, step 3 is a non negotiable! If you skip this step you’re sure to be in the unfortunate category of premature skin ageing *yikes.*

Extra pampering for dry areas

The skin of elbows, knees, feet, and lips needs more nourishment than the rest of the body. They are notoriously drier areas and subjected to more friction, so it’s a good habit to dedicate an extra care to them. To do this you can choose a nourishing body butter, an oil, or a balm with hydrating and protective properties.

These few steps, as simple and straight forward as they sound, will change your skin when repeated consistently. Your toned and even skin will thank you after a month or so of dedicated work.

Let us know your favourite skin tips or if you’ve tried our step by step! Did you see an improvement? Did you get that even skin tone you’ve always strived for? Are you seeing more toned skin?

volume up root lotion

Featured in Modern Barber: Insight Volume Up Root Lotion

We’ve only gone and done it again! We’re in the press! This time, for a relatively new product; our Volumizing range‘s Volume Up Root Lotion.

It’s not too surprising that this particular magazine has given our Our Volume Up Root Lotion the credit it so so deserves! This product is a barbers dream! Short hair is given instant lift and oomph, perfect for a barber to shape and mould hair into the ultimate do.

But, let’s not let barbers have all the fun; our Volume Up Root Lift transforms any hair length, giving it an instant root boost without any sticky residue. If your hair is flat or fine, add this wondrous spray to your routine!

If you’d like to find out more about our Root Lotion, have a read of this.

volume up root lotion

Insight Volumizing Volume Up Root Lotion

Full and voluminous hair has always been an object of desires of many, and with INSIGHT it is a more than achievable goal. The Volumizing line is blessed to possess Volume Up Root Lotion , designed to add volume to the roots, creating dimension and body, that lasts all day. 

After a few months of development and research, the Volume Up Root Lotion & nbsp; was born! During the design phase of this product, we were looking for the right mix of ingredients, for the perfect balance: we wanted to create a light spray, suitable for use on fine hair without weighing it down . An undertaking that is far from obvious, since thin hair is generally the one that most requires the action of volumizing products, but at the same time it is those that tend to get dirty more quickly . The result of our numerous experiments is the Roots Volumizing Lotion, a product capable of adding volume in seconds, giving the effect of a naturally full hair, without leaving residues. 

Turn the volume up to the max!

A fast-drying formula with a water consistency, delivered by a spray precision that allows a localized application, concentrating the product on the roots. As with all Insight products, this lotion also contains various plant ingredients from organic farming , including extracts of ginseng psyllium and white nettle , with a conditioning and volumizing power that lasts unaltered for several hours. 

How do you get the most out of our Volumizing Lotion? Follow the advice of Insight hairstylists. 

  • It is advisable to start with slightly damp hair and freshly washed. 
  • Let’s divide the hair into sections, helping us with clips. 
  • We dispense the product by approaching the root of the hair, the goal is to apply the lotion only in the area closest to the scalp, to concentrate the volume effect only where we want it. 
  • After distributing the lotion, do a quick finger massage to spread it evenly over the roots. 
  • Proceed with the usual styling.

To amplify its effect, combine the Roots Volumizing Lotion with the others products from the Volumizing line : you will get an impeccable result, a long-lasting volume. 

Discover all products of Insight Volumizing line .

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