10 Tips And Tricks: Add Volume To Flat Hair

We all dream of thick, voluminous hair, and when we see celebs and influencers online or in magazines with beautiful big bounce, it can be frustrating! Unfortunately, there are a fair few reasons why your hair is on the flat side. But, before you get disheartened, there are bundles of things you can do to add volume to flat hair! Plus, you can never believe what you see online or in magazines, your favourite influencers and celebs probably have the same hair struggles you do!

Here are our professional tips to add volume, bounce and a big smile!

1. Use a light volumizing shampoo and conditioner 

Volume starts in the shower! No we don’t mean your loud music, but that may help too, so pump the tunes! We mean your shampoo and conditioner! Make sure you are using a super lightweight product that is specially designed to add volume and moisturise. Try our Volumizing, Volume Up range!

insight volumizing shampoo
INSIGHT Volumizing, Volume Up shampoo


2. Don’t apply conditioner on your roots 

We would be lost without conditioner! But, did you know it should only be used on your mid-lengths to ends? We’re all guilty of slathering a handful all over our heads, but this is a prime hair flattening mistake! When you cleanse your hair with shampoo,  your cuticles open up looking for nourishment and moisture, when you dump a truckload of conditioner on scalp (a natural oil source) it will suck up the conditioner and hold it, making roots greasy, heavy and of course, flat! This little trick will not only add volume to flat hair but will also stop you having to use 3 bottles of conditioner to every 1 of shampoo!

3. Blow-dry 

Chances are, if you have flat hair, it probably air drys super fast and straight! But don’t be tempted to sky the blow-dry if you want that volume! Use a volumizing treatment spray and get that blow-dry technique down (tips below).

For incredible volume, hydration and hair health, try INSIGHT Volumizing Volume Up Hydrating Spray:

insight volumizing volume up
INsight volumizing volume up spray


4. It’s all in the technique 

Start off your drying journey with your head flipped upside -down, no need for a hair brush at this point. This lifts hair at the root and will rough up your cuticle for max volume.  Once  your hair is a little over half dry, flip back up to the real world and start blow-drying the mid-ends to smooth and soften. Avoid flattening your roots and losing the texture you just worked so hard to add!

5. Roll up, roll up

Post blow-drying, section off flat pieces of hair (parallel to your shoulders) at the crown, and roll them into Velcro rollers. Heat the rolled hair with a hairdryer and allow to cool, or blast with the hairdryer’s cool setting; you’ll get an instant hair crown!

6. Get Colourful

Add colour for texture! Fine hair will transform after a full head of highlights! Your cuticles will get a little rough, meaning your hair will lift and hold styling longer. Head to your local INSIGHT salon for best colour results with the least possible damage!


INCOLOR: Professional hair colour
INCOLOR: Professional hair colour

7. Dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo is your best friend when looking to add volume to flat hair! Not only can you achieve volume, but with a powder you can make hair appear thicker and fuller, prolong your styling, and cleanse your scalp! Check out INSIGHT’s Daily Use Bodifying Dry Shampoo for all these fabulous benefits!

insight daily use dry shampoo
INsight Daily Use Dry Shampoo

8. Take a break 

You shouldn’t be shampooing daily anyway, but with flat, thin hair you should be shampooing even less! Cut back on the hair washing and opt for a high quality dry shampoo to fill in the days (above). You’ll see the volume difference within the week!

9. Use soft-hold hairspray

When using hairspray, always use soft-hold, heavy products will weigh your hair down and make it appear even flatter! Our INSIGHT Styling Medium Hold Ecospray will blow you away! You’ll get soft hold, beautiful volume and added healthy shine! Oh, and did we mention, it smells INCREDIBLE!!!


insight styling medium hold ecospray
INsight Styling Medium Hold Ecospray


10. Learn to love mousse 

We all fear mousse thanks to our parents! Mousse has come a long way since its frozen, crunchy, drying, old school formula. Today, mousse is soft, hydrating and fabulous! Using a small amount on wet hair and combing through to ends before blow drying will give you serious lift! Try INSIGHT’s Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse for body, elasticity and oomph!

INsight Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse
INsight Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse

We hope you have enjoyed our 10 Tips And Tricks: Add Volume To Flat Hair blog! Let us know which tips and tricks you have tried and tested to add volume to your flat hair! Tell us on Facebook or Instagram.