Nourishing, detangling, moisturizing and more! Let’s discover the infinite properties of Illipe butter and why we use it as one of our Insight Professional ingredients.

Illipe butter originates from Malaysia; Borneo . Many native to Borneo will know Illipe butter by the name tallow. To obtain this wondrous Insight Professional ingredient, seeds from the Shorea Stenoptera plant (belonging to the Dipterocarpacee family) are cold pressed, creating a thick butter. This butter  is an excellent base for many cosmetic products, such as face and body creams, conditioners and hair masks, due to its elasticising, nourishing and protective properties.

Characteristics and properties

Visually a creamy and light butter, Illipe acts just as it looks;  extremely rich and dense in nutrients such as oleic acid and stearic acid. Often confused with Shea Butter, its composition is very similar, and to that of Cocoa Butter, however the melting point of Illipe butter is much higher, making it perfect for solid, thicker products such as lipsticks and balms.

Illipe butter in cosmetics

Illipe butter is very versatile, and historically has been used in traditional medicine, as well as in cosmetics. Due to its eudermic, healing and softening properties, it has always been used to treat dry or damaged skin. It is also an excellent remedy for sunburn. It has a neutral smell, which makes it more versatile than other butters with a more distinctive fragrances.

Hair Benefits

High in Vitamins A and E, Illipe Butter is known to soothe and hydrate the scalp and hair. This vitamin combination also encourages production of healthy sebum, shielding the hair and scalp from external aggressors, helping to sustain hair from becoming dry or breaking off.






We all LOVE summer and we all love the sun, but summer is often cruel and harsh on hair! But, with a little pre-prep, we can prepare hair for summer and keep it as healthy and hydrated as possible! If you’re interested in strong, beautiful, shiny hair let’s speed this along as summer is coming in HOT…..

1. Color Refresh

We all want stunning summer photos to post online and send to friends. Fresh colour boosts confidence, and looks camera ready for that beach photoshoot! Colour should always be administered by a professional, please avoid box dying hair (particularly before exposing to summer) as box dyes are known to contain nasty chemicals that damage hair. Colour tip: If you don’t like your hair too bright, go a shade darker in the salon as the sun will lighten a colour service.

2. Vitamin Sea Please

A balanced diet is crucial for hair health, but it’s pretty hard to to hit those vitamin goals consistently, day after day. Plus, not all of our bodies are power machines that can absorb and create all that’s needed. Adding a supplement such as a multivitamin can be the missing piece of the summer hair puzzle! Top vitamins to prepare hair for summer, and general hair health: Biotin, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc. Start your vitamin boost early for max results! **It is always best to consult a doctor before drastically changing vitamin intake due to your own personal circumstances/health.**

4. Deal With Damage

Another trick to prepare hair for summer is to reverse current damage! Treat hair with INSIGHT Rebuild, our wonder treatment rebuilds hair fibres and seals ends after just a single use! If you’re a salon and would like to offer Rebuild as a treatment please get in touch, we can offer full training.

5. UV Protection

It’s not just our skin that needs UV protection! The sun has major drying effects on our hair, and although we don’t see or feel the damage right away, it’s happening right under our freckling noses. Shield strands this summer with UV protection from our ANTIOXIDANT Range; carry our HYDRA-REFRESH hair and body water around with you on those hot days!

6. Fresh Trim

Freshly-trimmed ends will ensure hair is in the best condition to handle whatever summer throws at us! Chop, chop, time is running out!

7. Go Sun-kissed 

Nobody has time for touch-ups in summer! Low-maintenance, lived in colours work great when all your want to worry about is fun in the sun! Ask your Insight Salon for a balayage, root smudge over highlights, or root stretch ombre; all will see you through the season.

8. Protein Load

We all know our diet has a major effect on our hair health! Foods high in protein are packed with hair loving nutrients! If there’s one time to load up or double that dose, its pre-summer!

9. Go Natural 

Many of us can achieve natural highlights with sun exposure alone! If you’re in this lucky club, skip the hair colouring all together this year and focus on a natural sun-kiss! You can braid your hair to balayage believe it or not! Have you ever wondered why so many people plait their hair on holiday? They’re exposing different sections of hair to the sun for natural lightening; the result is a beautifully natural beach balayage look.  

10. Go Deep

If there’s one thing needed to prepare hair for summer, it’s HYDRATION! A deep conditioner that works for your hair type is a must! We suggest INSIGHT ANTI-FRIZZ, DRY, or DAMAGED MASK for ultimate quenching.   Have you found our tips to prepare hair for summer useful? Let us know via Facebook or Instagram, and let us know if you have any more tips and tricks for us!
best hair serum 2022

LIQUID CRYSTALS: The BEST Organic Hair Serum

If you’re not using a serum, your hair is not finished!

What is a hair serum?

Hair serums are liquid based styling products that coat your hair’s surface. They provide a protective layer over hair fibres that assist in smoothing frizz, adding shine, reflecting light and protecting against humidity. Hair serums don’t heal damage, but they can nourish hair and help retain moisture depending on their ingredients. Liquid Crystals  hair serum does just that, and more!

What is an organic hair serum?

  An organic hair serum is simply, the same as above with the added benefit of organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other additives or chemicals. liquid crystals

What are the benefits of a hair serum?

The benefits list goes on and on!

Controls frizz

When your hair is on the weaker, damaged side, it can look dry and frizzy. Hair serums can control this issue and have your hair looking sleek and moisturised after immediate use. Essentially, the serum adds enough weight to weak strands to give substance, but not too much that strands are heavy and greasy. A hair serum is 100% essential for curly hair to ensure your natural curl pattern is locked in for the day. To read about curly hair care click here. 

Extreme smoothing

The previously mentioned anti-frizz effects of hair serum also provide a smoothing effect. Think of the light reflecting, mirror shine you see in magazines and on the red carpet. This look is not reserved exclusively to celebrities, it’s just waiting in a hair serum.

Enhances your hair pattern

Your hair type is determined by the shape of your hair follicle, which may be:
  • straight
  • wavy
  • curly
You may already know which hair pattern you have, if you aren’t sure, this may help you decide. For straight hair, serums enhance shine and smoothness, giving a glossy mirror look, whereas curly guys and girls can benefit from bounce creation and curl definition.

No more tangles

Knots and tangles are a thing of the past when using a serum, hair is so silky and smooth combs glide through effortlessly.

Anti damage

While a serum cannot reverse damage, it can certainly protect against any further damage to your hair, including:
  • Damage from heat (Heated drying/styling)
  • Chemical processing (Colouring, perming etc)
  • Environmental aggressors (UV, pollution)
  • Mechanical aggressors (Brushing, styling)



Organic Sesame Oil: Moisturizing , Restructuring. Flaxseed Oil. Nourishing, Polishing , Strengthening.

How to use Liquid Crystals organic hair serum:

Although seemingly straight forward, there is a correct way to use a hair serum to get the best possible results. Application according to a professional:
  1. Start with clean, damp hair
  2. Pump 1/2 drops of serum into your hands, let the product liquify for 5/6 seconds and then rub between hands to warm for a further 5-10 seconds
  3. Apply to hair, starting with the ends and working up to the mid lengths. Spread the product evenly, avoiding the roots.
  4. Use a wide comb to ensure product is distributed through hair evenly.
  5. Dry hair as usual, ensure to add a heat defence if your hair serum doesn’t already contain protection
  6. Repeat step 2 but with only 1/2 a pump for added shine and smoothness.
insight product range

INSIGHT NATIVE: 100% natural hair dye

The tradition of dyeing herbs has a thousand-year history. Since ancient times women and men have colored their bodies and hair using ground plants and roots. Over the centuries these traditions have been mixed with a variety of rituals, each traveling their own way from a different place in the world, and now they have come down to us. Insight has chosen to plant the seed of this ancient history in the present, applying advanced Phyto-technologies to the processing of raw materials, to create safe products with a professional performance. An ancient tradition, rewritten in a modern key.

A natural alternative, professional result.

Insight has worked with dedication to the development of this line, the goal was to bring a real professional alternative to those who want to color their hair in a natural way, without having to give up a professional salon result. Thus, was born Native, a complete line that includes three pure dyeing herbs, two pre-mixed blends, and an entire hair care line to take care of hair after coloring and keep shades intense and vibrant. Let’s see it together.

Native, a primary color palette. But we like to call it primal colors.

The pure herbs in the Native line are three, like the three primary colors: the red of henna, the blue of indigo, and the golden shades of cassia are our palette. By mixing these three shades, you can create endless color variations, from warm brown to the most vibrant black, passing through all shades of blonde.   Along with these three primary shades, Insight has created two pre-mixed blends, a warm blonde and a brown, perfect to use on their own or as a base to customize any color. All herbs are contained in resealable paper bags: The two blends: All herbs are enriched with organic oils of Mongongo and Cartamo, which combined with the beneficial properties of Ayurvedic herbs, known for thousands of years to many cultures and used in the medicinal tradition, help to strengthen and nourish the hair, making Native a proper strengthening treatment, as well as a coloring product.

A haircare Cosmos Natural certified line

To complement the pigment collection, Native also includes a selection of hair care products designed to maintain the color and health of naturally treated hair. This line is Cosmos Natural certified and includes four products for a complete routine, from cleansing to blow-drying. Reviving Shampoo – 900 ml, 400 ml + Organic red grapevine and green tea extracts + Rice vinegar A shampoo with a reinvigorating and brightening action, ideal to use after coloring treatment, but also for maintaining the dye at home. Reviving Hair Mask – 500 ml, 250 ml + Organic Linseed and Sesame Oils + Rice vinegar Hair mask with detangling and revitalizing properties. It provides nutrition and softness to the hair after dyes. insight product range Reviving Hair Fluid – 150 ml  + Organic ginseng and karkadé extracts + Rice vinegar A multifunctional lotion, with a reinvigorating and brightening action. Nourishing Hair Elixir – 100 ml + Organic argan, mongongo, and linseed oils A mixture of natural oils, with a softening and brightening action on the hair. Natural color or professional result? From today, with Native, you can have both! Discover the Native world and be inspired by the rituals of nature.
insight fragrances


The INSIGHT FEELINGS  line welcomes two new products: we are happy to finally tell you about the new, all-over Insight fragrances. The inspiration behind these two compositions is simple: we wanted to translate our philosophy, our choices, our “urban nature” within a perfume; Insight bottled. This is how INSIGHT Feelings fragrances were born: two complementary souls, two faces of the same olfactory memory. Come with us on this journey through fragrant notes.

All-over and unisex: choose yours.

The new INSIGHT fragrance ‘s are two different accords with a distinctive flavor but united by the same concept: perfect to use on body and hair, but also on fabrics and ambient. They are 100% natural, and perfect for treating yourself to a moment of comfort and relaxation during the day. Whether you prefer fresh and crystalline fragrances, or more gourmand and warm notes, we have what you like. Two different olfactory profiles, united by the same soul. Let’s discover them together. 

Breezy Afternoon

Gourmand fragrance for body and hair

insight fragrance breezy afternoon
Breezy Afternoon
The scent of a warm afternoon in an orchard on the Mediterranean, while a brisk breeze blows from the sea. Fresh and fruity top notes give way to a heart of ylang-ylang and rose, on a base of cedarwood and vanilla.   Olfactory description: fresh, fruity.   Top notes: Mandarin, grapefruit, orange, bergamot Heart notes: Aloe, fruity notes, ylang-ylang, rose Base notes: Vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood   Memory of a Scent Spicy fragrance for body and hair insight fragrance memory of a scent   Bright and soft, like a cascade of tiny white flowers warmed by the sun. The spicy opening notes hide a golden heart of cinnamon and orange, which reveals a creamy base of vanilla and patchouli.   Olfactory description: spicy, floral, amber. Top notes: Cinnamon, orange Heart notes: White flowers, carnation, ylang-ylang, rose Base notes: Cream, vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood  
ageing hair insight


Want to know the secret of defying ageing hair?

As the years fly by we celebrate life, birthdays, new jobs, families, trips and friendships. But, there may be signs of the passing years when we stop and take a second. These signs can be lines of our faces or changes in our hair.  Below are some tell tell signs of ageing hair.     How many signs do you recognise? THOUGHT: Think of the amount of adverts you see for ageing skin, do you see the same attention for hair? No, because not many companies have cracked the code to produce results that genuinely make a difference to ageing hair. Also, ageing hair products require specialised ingredients that are not alway cost effective for such large companies,  and therefore they will not produce them.

Is your hair ageing?

If your hair feels drier, coarser, and stiffer, it may be your age, not your imagination. Turning grey is one of many changes your hair goes through with age. Other changes include thickness, texture, growth rate and location- we all know about stray chin hairs! These changes can occur rapidly or very slowly, they may start in your 20s, 30s, later, or they may not start at all –  no two people will live the exact same hair ageing experience.

Can I stop my hair ageing?

Yes and no. You can stop your hair prematurely ageing but no you cannot stop the hair ageing process full stop. Not to threat though, no matter where you are in your hair ageing journey, you can slow it down.  You may be engaging in a lifestyle that is ageing your hair right now without even knowing. A few minor tweaks and you’ll feel younger before you know it.

Am I speeding up the hair ageing process?

If you’re doing any of these things, yes…..
  • Using sulphates in your hair care
  • Using products with Parabens
  • Using products with denatured alcohols
  • Using hair care with silicones 
  • Using hot styling tools often
  • Not using heat protection
  • Colouring your hair with high % chemicals
  • Chemically changing your hair texture
  • Excessive UV exposure
  • Over-washing your hair
  • Not eating a balanced diet

Lifestyle tips to nurture your ageing hair

  1. Wash your hair less frequently
  2. Don’t forget conditioners and volumizing products
  3. Choose the right products, look for natural nourishing, active ingredients
  4. Eat a complete, protein-rich diet
  5. Check medications with your doctor

Ingredients for your ageing hair

The number one way to ensure your hair ages beyond your years, is using products filled with harsh chemicals! Chemicals create frizz, mess with our scalp PH, mess with our hormones and can lead to all signs of premature hair ageing. These chemicals can be in our hair care, our colour and even in everyday fragrances. The ultimate secret to defy ageing hair is to be conscious of the ingredients in your products. Choose natural, choose soft, and choose to nurture and nourish. Don’t be fooled by product labels that claim high percentages of natural ingredients, check ingredient lists! If the first 3-6 are not natural then chances are, these products aren’t either. Companies have different standards of labelling and there is no governing body to set a standard so many can claim natural when they are far from it. Our products use food grade ingredients so we can say with confidence we are natural! Our products are good enough to eat! (Please don’t try this).  

The anti-ageing hair care routine

Start with a healthy scalp. A clean scalp will promote healthy cell turnover and an ideal environment for optimal hair growth. Just like skin care targeted to those looking for an anti-ageing boost, exfoliation is key; it removes dead skin cells from around follicles allowing maximum oxygen to penetrate. Our scalp exfoliating cream clears the scalp of dead cells, banishes residue of old products and impurities, and reactivates micro-circulation to aid delivery of oxygen and nutrients.   insight rebalancing crema esfoliante 180ml   Choose your ideal hair care packed with natural, nourishing, active ingredients We’ve seen that ingredients play a major role in our ageing hair, so look no further for the best natural hair care possible. Whether your hair is coloured, blonde, damaged or dry we have a specialised, professional duo for your ageing hair. Our product ingredients are certified VEGAN OK, and ORGANIC. Take a look at our ranges and see which is best for you here.
insight anti frizz shampoo
INSIGHT Anti-Frizz
insight dry hair shampoo
insight daily shampoo
insight damaged shampoo
          Treat treat treat  One of the main concerns when it comes to ageing hair is hair loss or thinning. While this is normal in the ageing process, you can slow down the process! Along with a healthy scalp, you can use specialised treatments to stimulate hair follicles to produce more hair and at a faster rate. Use a natural treatment with active ingredients such as our Loss Control Fortifying products. We also advise you invest in an organic rosemary oil (or make one yourself). “Rosemary oil has been found to stimulate new hair growth and can even be used to treat androgenetic alopecia. Mix a few drops of rosemary oil into a carrier oil, like argan oil or jojoba oil, and massage it into your hair and scalp before rinsing” (Healthline). You can also leave this on overnight for even better results.
date extract




Where are dates from?

The date is a typical fruit of Mediterranean Africa and of the countries in Western Asia. It is produced thanks to the cultivation of the date palm, a very long-living tree that can be around for up to 300 years and can produce 50 kilos of dates per year.

Benefits of dates for skin and hair health

Dates are an incredible source of vitamin C and D. Both of these vitamins boost collagen production, and therefore skin elasticity. Aside form this, dates are extremely rich in antioxidants; specifically tannins. Tannins prevent cell damage and oxidation, this helps with reduction of inflammation. But wait, there are even more benefits, we all look for smoother, softer skin and the nutrients found in dates do that by enhancing the strength of the subcutaneous tissue. All of these benefits delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines! Dates are the anti-aging fruit!

Dates don’t just work their wonders on our skin but also our hair. Being highly rich in iron, dates improve blood circulation and cause hair growth. They help to strengthen hair follicles and hair roots which prevents breakage and loss too.

Which INSIGHT products use date extract?

The Insight Man range uses organic date extract, which is rich in saponins, substances with anti-inflammatory qualities, vitamins and mineral salts. Explore the range.   
  • ANTIOXIDANT, PROTECTIVE: it protects against the aggression of external agents, owing to the high flavonoid and vitamin content.
  • NOURISHING, EMOLLIENT: it has moisturising, elasticising and toning properties.
insight incolor hydra-color



From the first application, the hair will be noticeably hydrated, full-bodied and silky.

Protecting the scalp

During the coloring treatment, one of the most common protection systems acts through a passive mechanism, thanks to the use of products with a shielding action, such as Incolor Dermal Protector: the components form a sort of protective barrier on the skin preventing the contact of the coloring mixture with the scalp. In order to minimize the risk of improper use of the color, without loss of functionality, we invented Hydra-Color® Blend. Hydra-Color® Blend represents an innovative approach to the possible problem of irritation due to the alkalinity of permanent dyes, as it provides a mechanism of action similar to a self-regulated release system that is activated at the time of application. 

HYDRA-COLOR® BLEND: what is and how does it work?

Hydra-Color® is an innovative blend of esters of natural origin (Lauryl Lactate, Octyldodecyl Lactate, Tristearyl Citrate), derived from Lactic and Citric Acids, with a protective, but above all moisturizing, action.   During coloring, from these esters, by fission, derive:
  • Some acids that degrade the skin pH
  • Some neutral salts formed by the combination with the liberated ammonia, for example ammonium lactate, a component of the NMF, which is a fundamental factor for cutaneous and capillary hydration. In this way the water is retained inside the hair.


  + Vegetal Phytokeratin Composed by hydrolyzed wheat, corn and soy proteins, with amino acids similar to those found in hair and nails, strengthens the hair fiber and gives volume and shine. + Organic Argan Oil Referred to as “liquid gold” because of its benefits, this oil makes the hair soft, elastic and easy to comb. Being rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, Omega 3 and 6 and fatty acids, this oil contrasts the action of free radicals, promoting the elasticity of the hair. It also makes them softer and easier to comb, feed- ing and protecting them during coloring. + Grape Seed Butter Rich in vitamins and polyphenols, it’s well known for its antioxidant properties. It has energizing and restructurizing qualities, which allow a better control of the moisture level of the hair.  


 VEGAN OK Certification

Incolor is VEGAN OK certified. This standard was established to foster the dissemination of a culture of respect for life and the environment, so that such values can be a common heritage for all. Therefore, buying a product bearing the VEGAN OK logo on the label, the consumer implicitly receives a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product does not contain animal components and so it did not directly involve exploitation and killing of animals.

Nickel Tested

All our formulas are nickel tested, ‹ 0,5 PPM, to guarantee greater safety in case of hypersensitivity.

High percentage of naturality

Hydra-Color® formula contains a high percentage of natural derived ingredients. On average, more than 90% of the total formula is composed of raw materials of natural origin.

Low content of ammonia

The Hydra-color® phytoproteic coloring cream contains a low percentage of ammonia, which can vary according to the chosen shade.

 Pre-naturalized color

Incolor is a pre-naturalized color: hence it doesn’t need to be mixed with a color base to reach the desired effect, even if in case of grey hair.

Treating base with high conditioning power

Thanks to its formula enriched with principle actives, the Hydra-Color® coloring cream leaves the hair soft and easy to comb.

Allergen free fragrance

We have chosen to use a fragrance without allergens, to minimize the risk of irritation.


  • 100 gr tube (60 gr tube for the correctors);
  • Standard application 1:1,5 with the desired activator.
  • The Incolor Nourishing Activator, enriched with Rice Proteins, is available in four versions: 10 /20 /30/ 40 volumes.


  • Softer hair, nourished and restored.
  • Higher protection of the scalp during coloring;
  • 100% coverage
of the most difficult gray hair;
  • High duration of the color treatment;
  • Intense and deep nuances.
professional vegan hair colour


Veganuary is here again, our favourite month to educate those open to trying vegan products! Let’s talk professional vegan hair colour! We rarely think about veganism when it comes to our hair and beauty products and even less so for hair dye! Why? Because we just assume the changes to ethically sourced ingredients is a standard now days, specially for large companies. But that’s where we’re all wrong! The largest professional hair colour brands are yet to make the switch! What ever their reasoning for this is, we know one thing, customers are demanding ethical, vegan products, and we sure give them what they want! If you need some convincing to join us in offering sustainable, ethical, vegan choices to clients, read on. tame curly hair

What’s vegan hair colour?

Many hair colours are packed with harmful chemicals and animal byproducts, vegan alternatives are more filled with more natural ingredients and absolutely NO animal byproducts. Our INcolor range is low in ammonia, allowing you to get hair shiny, whilst respecting hair fibres and protecting from any damage. Thanks to Phyto-Keratin, Argan Oil, and Grape Seed Butter, INcolor ensures a restructuring and deep conditioning action.

Why you should use vegan hair colour:

Whether you or your clients are vegan or not, here’s why you should make the switch! Anything a non-vegan colour can do, we can do (better)! We can’t speak for all vegan colour but we know our own INcolor range performs just as well, if not better than all major brands.

1. No Compromise

There is a stigma that choosing ethical, vegan products means you give something up or compromise. Perhaps this was true when such products were first introduced e.g. limited colours or performance, however the need to vegan products has propelled the market to create an alternative products that compete with the largest of brands.

2. For the Love of Animals

We all love our pets and would be heartbroken if anything slight were to happen to them, but we brush over exploitation of animals for our products, mostly because we don’t see the pain and suffering first hand. If we have alternatives that do as good a job, if not better, then why let an innocent animal suffer? We can illuminate killing and exploitation just by making the switch to professional vegan hair colour such as INcolor.

3. For Health

Harsh chemicals in the majority of professional colour leave lasting damage on the scalp. Clients may not even know this is from such services as they have not had a serious reaction, however 70%+ experience dry, flakey scalp and pass it off as dandruff. When our scalp changes, it is giving us a message, that something is wrong. Our scalp and skin in general is not meant to be compromised by harsh chemicals and non natural ingredients. Furthermore, there is a higher chance of extreme reaction with non vegan professional colour due to ingredients. The natural ingredients you’ll find in our professional vegan hair colour won’t damage or irritate your scalp. Our products are tested for irritants and are not likely to compromise scalp health. In fact, our natural nourishing ingredients are there to sooth the scalp whilst colouring hair. Not only will your scalp be in better health when using professional vegan hair colour, but your hair will too. Hair is not stripped and weakened like it is when using harsh chemical filled colours. INSIGHT nourishes whilst it colours, leaving hair healthier than before a service.

4. Quality of Results

We can’t speak for all vegan hair colour but we sure can speak for INSIGHT Incolor! The quality of vegan colour speaks for itself! You can find more examples of amazing results on our instagram.
blonde hair vegan hair colour
By @Georgeleslie_hairdressing
insight incolor results brunette
By @blacksheephaircompany
vegan hair colour insight incolor red
By @pixal_vegansalon_swindon

5. For our planet

A lot of hair dyes are packed with harmful chemicals like ammonia. Using a vegan alternative  usually means that natural ingredients are more prominent. Our Flowerology hair dyes contain natural ingredients and are free from the usual nasties that you find in other hair dyes. In fact, our hair dyes are 95% natural and contain 75% organic materials. The natural composition of our hair dyes means that you’ll cause less damage to your hair compared to conventional dyes. They contain natural botanical ingredients that help to add strength and nourishment to your hair. Unlike most dyes that you’re probably used to, ours don’t contain ammonia – you know, the ingredient that irritates skin and eyes. Surely that’s a bonus!

6. To Support Ethical Companies

It’s 2022, we are hugely informed about ethical choices and business practices, it’s surprising to think that not all professional colour brands are making such choices. We, along with many others have proven the incredible results with vegan hair colour, yet others choose to continue to use animal byproducts. Large companies should be held accountable for their actions. If 1 major brand made ethical choices, the effects could equate to 20 small vegan brands trying to make a change. What can salons do? Choose ethical, vegan products and show the non ethical brands things need to change. INSIGHT is 100% Vegan and certified Vegan OK. We are fully sustainable and only use recycled PET for packaging.

About INcolor:

Fall head over heels with  colour again. Get the incredible results you’re used to but feel better about the products you use! Professional vegan hair colour is the future, and the future is now! INSIGHT INcolour:
  • 100% Vegan certified Vegan OK
  • Nourishes hair whilst colouring
  • 100% coverage of the most difficult grey hair
  • Long lasting colour
  • Deep and intense tones
  • Cruelty-free
  • High percentage of natural derived ingredients
  • Nickel tested <0.5 PPM
You can also fill your salon and offer a variety of other vegan products like shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling! Remember, you don’t have to be vegan to support vegan salon supplies, all small steps towards a better future count! READ MORE ABOUT INSIGHT INCOLOR HERE.    
vegan hair care

What’s the best Vegan shampoo?

Well.. that depends on your hair! The best vegan shampoo will be suited to your hair type. The market is saturated with vegan hair products right now, every cosmetic company is jumping to create vegan hair care, but are they thinking about ticking off the needs for a label or are they thinking about the absolute best ingredients for your hair? Always consider the needs of your hair as well as the vegan label.

The best vegan shampoo for curls

An exciting product is hitting the shelves in salons all over the UK (Nov 2021) and will soon be available to the public too! ELASTI-CURL Pure Mild Shampoo is the ultimate shampoo for curls and waves. It’s formula gently cleanses the scalp and hair, whilst deeply hydrating. Just like all of the INSIGHT hair care range, this shampoo is sulphate free and contains no drying ingredients (essential for healthy curls.) ELASTI-CURL Pure Mild Shampoo leaves curly hair soft, light, tangle free and pumped full of nutrients. elastic-curl range

The best vegan shampoo for frizzy hair

INSIGHT’s ANTI-FRIZZ Hydrating Shampoo is fly away control in a bottle! This range is fantastic as it is effective on all hair textures and even defies humidity. Hair is left super silky, detangled and tame. Bonus: the range is filled with organic Linseed Extract, Cocoa Butter, Cotton Oil, and Hemp Oil for extreme deep penetration of nutrients.  

The best vegan shampoo for blonde hair

We all know the struggles of being blonde, and we all know the harsh processes taken to achieve a perfect lift. A natural, vegan shampoo is the wonder element to any blonde’s hair routine. When choosing that perfect  product, don’t just look for a vegan logo, this doesn’t mean a product is filled with the best nourishing ingredients. In many cases the vegan logo just means the formula is as it’s always been minus the animal elements. Instead, look for an organic, natural, vitamin packed ingredients list. Along with soft and nourishing ingredients you should opt for a shampoo that cancels out any brassiness, this goes for you golden blondes too.  For warm tone blondes we recommend INSIGHT Anti-Yellow shampoo and for those who like their hair a cooler tone,  our multi sell out COLD REFLECTIONS range is needed!

The best vegan shampoo for ageing hair

When mature hair is creeping up on you, you need to double up on nourishing ingredients, and double down on all the nasties in much available hair care on the market. Animal by-products have no reason being on our heads, nor do we need to harm animals and use their bodies for our consumption when we have the wonderful planet to cater our every need. Besides this, ageing hair needs, and thrives when natural, organic products are introduced. There are many different stages of the hair ageing process, to read more about this click here. Long story short, you need to evaluate your current hair circumstances and choose products based on your needs. For example, hair that is thinning may benefit from a hair loss treatment. INSIGHT’s Loss control system is made up of Loss Control Fortifying Shampoo and a Loss Control fortifying treatment .  The range is packing with natural ingredients (Organic Horse Chestnut Extract  for Strengthening and Anti-Inflammatory purposes. Fortifying Complex (Menthol, Guarana Extract, Organic Echinacea Extract for Energising, Invigorating and Stimulating). Besides thinning hair, ageing hair starts to become very dry if not cared for properly. It is important to ensure you use a shampoo that is deeply moisturising and packed with nourishment to replenish hair. Hair in our 30s starts to become less effective at absorbing moisture, and hair above 45 is half as capable as it was in our 20s. Hormonal changes when ageing also play a vital roll in hair moisture. Women going through menopause will find their hair much dryer than ever before due to scalp oil glands producing less oil, which makes hair drier and less elastic. To counteract the losses of our natural process, we need to introduce products that do this work for us. Read our full blog on anti-ageing hair care here. For most mature hair, issues include dryness and frizz, here we can introduce our Dry and Anti-Frizz ranges. Our anti-frizz range is scientifically formulated to correct frizz, not the mask it like many other products on the market. Your hair will be treated from the inside out; intensely moisturised, gently softened, and effortlessly detangled. We do this with a careful blend of Cocoa Butter, Cotton Oil, Hemp Oil and Organic Linseed Extract. anti-frizz range