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A huge thank you to Hairco and Beauty, for writing about our finalist products in the Hair Awards 2024!

In the fast-paced world of professional hair care, recognition is a crowning achievement. Insight Professional proudly stands as a finalist in the highly esteemed Hair Awards 2024, a testament to their dedication to crafting effective, ethical, and sustainable hair care solutions. Join us as we explore the exciting journey of Insight Professional to the forefront of the industry, spotlighting their exceptional products that have earned them this prestigious honour.

Celebrating Success at theAwards: The  Hair Awards 2024 are more than just a celebration of innovation—they’re a spotlight on the best and brightest in the hair care industry. As finalists, Insight Professional has earned a coveted place among the most distinguished brands, showcasing their commitment to excellence and their passion for elevating the standards of hair care worldwide.


Let’s dive into the star-studded lineup of Insight Professional’s finalist products, each one a shining example of their dedication to innovation and effectiveness:

  1. NCOLOR Hydra-Color Cream:
    • Finalist for Best Cruelty-Free/Vegan Colour.
  2. Densifying Fortifying Shampoo and Treatment:
    • Finalist for Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss.
  3. Anti-Frizz Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Smoothing/Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner.
  4. Anti-Frizz Melted Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Smoothing/Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner.
  5. Damaged Hair Restructurizing Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Cruelty-Free/Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner.
  6. Damaged Hair Melted Restructurizing Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Cruelty-Free/Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner.
  7. Colored Hair Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Colour Care.
  8. Daily Use Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Daily Use.
  9. Dry Hair Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner:
    • Finalist for Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair.
  10. Clarifying Purifying Shampoo:
    • Finalist for Best Clarifying Shampoo.
  11. Styling Elastic Molding Wax:
    • Finalist for Best Defining Styler.
  12. Styling Texturising Sea Salt Spray:
    • Finalist for Best Texturising Product.
  13. Volumizing Volume up Root Lotion:
    • Finalist for Best Volumising Product.

As Insight Professional basks in the limelight of the Hair Awards 2024 , their presence as finalists speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and innovation. From revitalizing shampoos to styling essentials, each product is a testament to their dedication to crafting effective, ethical, and sustainable hair care solutions. So, here’s to Insight Professional and their remarkable journey to the top of the hair care industry. Cheers to their success, and may their star continue to shine brightly in the world of beauty and beyond.

A word from us:

We are over the moon to be back in the awards and cannot wait for the winners to be announced!

Christmas hair colour

Christmas hair colour predictions from Insight Professional Brand Ambassador Carolyn Newman

We asked Insight Professional Brand Ambassador what she thought the Christmas hair colour trends of 2023 would be! She has told us in detail her thoughts!

A/W 23/24 TRENDS – Carolyn Newman

The key theme to this season is an individuality and originality style and we will see colour trends and techniques embrace this from creating looks for the girl next door to the trendsetter or the savvy perfectionist. 


This season we will see a lot of undone blondes, also known as Nirvana blonde, an edgy grown out rooty blonde, that works with your natural colour and keeps brightness around the face. Colour placement is key here and the use of varying tones from mink, irisee and creamy blonde to avoid it looking too flat. 

I recommend using – Insight Professional Multi-Techniques Hair Bleaching Powder and Incolor shades: 8.18 Ash pearl light blond and 7.2 Irisee blond for rooty blonde and on blonde ends tone with 11.38 Golden pearl platinum blond and 10.22 Deep irisee extra light blond 

Styling Trend – Nirvana blonde works well with the styling trend Undone Texture, so moving away from defined and structured waves and curls to a more natural looking movement. 

Choppy haircuts in all lengths will have softer edges and razor cut pieces to create texture with playful styling. Sexy hair is back. 

I recommend – Insight Professional Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and finish with Fibre Paste and Medium hold Ecospray. 

Wave Trend 

For straight-haired clients, perms are increasing in popularity, especially beachy waved perms. – To get the look use Insight Soft Perm system. 


  • Pale Tones – Blush, Mink, Gilded Gold, and Nirvana Blonde 
  • Rich Tones – Apricot Crush, Cinnamon, Red Cherry, and Purple Plum 
  • Deep Tones – Mushroom brown, Icy Brunette, and Inky Black
  • For the Experimental Generation – bold and bright 
  • We will see the shift from pastels to more vibrant eye-catching hues of Fiery Oranges, Electric Blues and Neon Greens

From Insight’s NEW Capsule Collection

Mink & Nirvana Blonde

christmas hair colour

Red Cherry & Purple Plum

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Gilded Gold & Icy Brunette   

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Discover the Art of Carefree Living

Inspired by Positive mind works

In today’s fast-paced world, do you often find it challenging to embrace a carefree attitude? It’s common to spend an increasing amount of time consumed by anxiety and worry. Many of our clients voice the same concern: stress seems to dominate their lives.

Would you like to learn how to reclaim your carefree spirit and start relishing life rather than enduring it?

Living a carefree lifestyle means efficiently managing stress and prioritizing your own happiness so that worries don’t overwhelm you. Moreover, learning to care less about trivial matters can help you safeguard your mental well-being.

But a word of caution – being carefree should not be confused with carelessness. A careless person neglects responsibilities, doesn’t contribute their fair share, and may disregard others’ feelings. That’s not our objective. Our goal is to let go of what’s beyond our control, stop fretting, and truly start living. It’s about caring deeply about what truly matters while discarding all the needless baggage.

With that in mind, here are eight invaluable tips to help you let go and embrace a carefree life:

1. Stop trying to be perfect!

You’ve likely heard the saying, “No one’s perfect.” Yet, many secretly strive for perfection and berate themselves when they fall short. Pursuing this unattainable ideal can stifle your joy. Refuse to let vanity, pride, or ego dictate your life. Learning to care less allows you to relax and worry less about your imperfections, mistakes, or failures.

2. Spend time doing nothing

Occasionally, give yourself the gift of leisure without fretting about productivity. Whether it’s sitting in the garden listening to birdsong, curling up with a book and a hot drink, indulging in a spa day, or simply sitting watching your favourite show with a hair mask – relish these moments and savor life without guilt.

3. Identify Stressors

Grab a notebook and jot down everything that overwhelms or stresses you. What truly causes your anxiety? Aim to eliminate as many stressors as possible from your life. On the flip side, prioritize activities that bring you happiness and a carefree spirit.

4. Manage Anger

When provoked, it can be challenging to react appropriately. Practice remaining calm and courteous when someone irritates you. Conversations are opportunities for connection. If anger wells up, try the 10-second rule: pause, breathe, and think. Sometimes, a brief pause leads to a more appropriate response.

5. Learn to love yourself

You are unique, and that’s extraordinary. To be genuinely carefree, you must first learn to love yourself. Accept your appearance and focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

6. Let Go of Outcome Attachment

While setting goals is admirable, avoid becoming overly attached to specific outcomes for success. Such attachments can lead to disappointment. Often, when things deviate from the plan, they turn out even better than expected. Remember, setbacks are not failures; they are feedback.

7. Practice Gratitude

One of the simplest paths to happiness and carefree living is appreciating the present moment. Make a daily habit of listing three things you’re grateful for, no matter how small. The more you appreciate, the happier, more optimistic, and carefree you’ll become.

8. Embrace the Outdoors

Studies show that sunlight and fresh air can boost serotonin levels, reducing overall stress. Whether you have a specific reason or not, aim to spend at least 15-20 minutes outside each day. It’s challenging to be carefree and joyful when sedentary. Avoid trapping yourself indoors unnecessarily – get outside and be active.

Key Takeaway

By following these eight steps and focusing on what truly matters while discarding needless distractions, you’ll find yourself living a far more carefree life. If deeper issues and emotions persist, seeking help from our online psychologists can provide invaluable guidance in reorienting your thought patterns and eliminating anxiety and negative thinking. Schedule a 20-minute appointment today to take the first step toward a carefree, fulfilling life.

We hop you have found this useful and start to feel more carefree soon! For more tips follow our Instagram.

woman standing in bikini with tanned summer skin

How Does Summer Affect Your Skin? Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

As the warm season approaches, it’s important to be mindful of how summer affects our skin. Increased humidity and exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to various skin issues, including acne breakouts, sunburn, and skin sensitivity. However, with the right skincare routine and some simple home remedies, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long. In this blog, we will explore the effects of summer on your skin and provide practical tips and home remedies to take care of your skin during the hot months.

Effects of Summer on Your Skin

As temperatures rise and humidity increases, your skin’s sebaceous glands produce excess sebum, leading to sticky, greasy skin and blocked pores. Acne breakouts are more common in the summer, especially for those with oily skin. Additionally, exposure to UV rays triggers melanin production, resulting in darker, tanned skin. Itchy skin, prickly heat, and sunburn can also occur due to increased sensitivity to the sun.

Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer

Face Wash to Remove Excess Oil:

Use a suitable face wash that deep cleanses and removes dirt and grime. Opt for mild, alcohol-free, and pH-balanced cleansers.

Follow a Good Skincare Routine:

Maintain a regimen of cleansing, toning, and moisturising twice a day using gel-based or water-based products.

Include Antioxidants:

Use antioxidant serums to hydrate and protect your skin from environmental damage. Vitamin C serum is particularly beneficial during summer.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated:

Use a hydrating face mask at night and carry a facial mist to freshen your skin throughout the day.

Exfoliate for Healthy Skin:

Use a gentle face scrub twice a week to remove dirt and oil. Don’t forget to exfoliate the lips and neck too.

Wear Sunscreen:

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by using a good sunscreen with SPF 30-50, even if you stay indoors most of the time.

Avoid Heavy Makeup:

Opt for light makeup like tinted lip balm and tinted moisturiser to allow your skin to breathe.

Use a Good Toner:

Aloe vera or cucumber-based toners can help close open pores and prevent sweat and oil buildup.

Moisturise Well:

Choose a non-greasy moisturiser based on your skin type, preferably with added antioxidants and SPF.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes, Lips & Feet:

Protect your eyes with sunglasses, use a moisturising under-eye gel, and apply sunscreen and moisturiser to your feet.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day and include hydrating fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Avoid Sugary Drinks:

Opt for fresh juices and coconut water over sugary aerated drinks.

Wear Breathable Fabrics:

Choose cotton and loose-fitting clothing to stay comfortable and prevent skin irritation.

Have a Bath/shower Twice a Day:

Maintain good hygiene and rinse off sweat and grime with a cool bath in the evening and a morning shower.

Summer can be harsh on your skin, but with the right skincare routine and some natural remedies, you can protect your skin and keep it glowing throughout the season. By following these tips and home remedies, you can enjoy the summer while maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Remember, consistency and simplicity are the keys to achieving the best results for your skin during the hot months.

summer experience

The new summer must-have has arrived: discover Hair and Body Nourishing Butter Summer Experience

We can finally introduce you to the new multi-purpose cosmetic that will take care of you this summer by protecting and moisturising your body and hair, like an enveloping pampering.

We are talking about an exceptional and very versatile product. The Hair and Body Nourishing Butter Summer Experience is an intensive treatment designed to be a year-round beauty ally, particularly during summer. Its dense, compact, and water-saving formula is rich in active ingredients such as organic argan oil and shea butter, ingredients of natural origin with restorative, emollient, and nourishing properties.

summer experience



Designed by our in-house Research Laboratory to give new beauty, this butter moisturises and makes skin and hair brighter, softer, and more nourished, even after prolonged exposure to sun, wind, or saltiness. Hair and Body Nourishing Butter Summer Experience is formulated to help defend skin and hair from the harmful effects of free radicals, sunlight, chlorine, salt spray, or air pollution.

A multi-purpose product that is well suited to all hair and body care rituals born under the sign of beauty and well-being. When used as a body cosmetic, the butter moisturises and soothes all skin types, especially dry, thin, and fragile skin, defending it from external agents while offering help in restoring tone, softness, and elasticity. When used as a haircare product, it gives a boost of hydration and nourishment to all hair types.

Its uses and benefits do not end here:

  • On hair it can also be applied as a nourishing pre-wash pack, or as an after-sun re-moisturizer
  • On the décolletage and body, it can act as an after-sun to quench the skin’s thirst after sun exposure


As a hydration and nourishment boost

  1. After cleansing the hair, scoop out the right amount of butter using the Bamboo Spatula
  2. Work the butter in with wet hands
  3. Apply it to damp ends and lengths by applying light pressure with your hands on the hair to promote the action of the product
  4. Gently massage the product into individual strands
  5. Leave on for 3-5 minutes
  6. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with styling

As an intensive pre-wash moisturizing and nourishing treatment

  1. Scoop out the right amount of butter using the Bamboo Spatula
  2. Work the butter with wet hands
  3. Apply it to damp ends and lengths by applying light pressure with your hands on the hair, so as to promote the action of the product
  4. Gently massage the product into individual strands
  5. Leave the product on for 10 minutes
  6. Rinse and proceed to wash with the shampoo of your preference
  7. If your hair requires it, also apply a conditioner after washing for extra hydration
  8. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with styling

You can use Hair and Body Nourishing Butter once a week, or whenever your hair requires it. Use it as a moisture and nourishment boost in addition to conditioner/mask, or on its own as an alternative to the latter.

The tip for you who have an Insight Professional salon:

Leave a package of Hair and Body Nourishing Butter Summer Experience on a tray for clients to use so they can test the product, experiencing its texture, scent, and nourishing effect.

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sea salt spray

Year-round summer effect with Insight Professional’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Experience summer for your hair 12 months a year with Insight Professional’s new Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Discover it now!


There’s a secret to riding the right wave year-round: Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Insight Professional’s new texturizing product with sea salt was created to give body and volume to your hair and is the perfect solution for styling a wavy beach look hair any time of day, and year!

Thanks to its formula enriched with sea salt and organic aloe extract, our Texturizing Sea Salt Spray leaves hair light and voluminous, without greasing or weighing it down, easily recreating the beach wave effect. The natural wavy look, reminiscent of seawater and moving the hair while keeping it in style, is the perfect look for summertime and beyond, loved by stars around the world especially at the beach or on vacation when it’s natural to look tidy while still communicating an idea of imaginative freedom with your style.

Texturizing Sea Salt Spray is a versatile, professional-quality productsuitable for all hair types, and made by our in-house Research & Development Laboratory in full compliance with the values of sustainability and innovation that guide Insight Professional. It’s Vegan OK-certified and nickel-tested formula also makes it an ideal haircare ally for anyone with a strong green sensibility and a desire for conscious beauty.

With Texturizing Sea Salt Spray you can wear the sea on your hair, giving it body, volume and movement.

Depending on the desired effect on your hair, you can use Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in different ways.

Apply it to damp hair to recreate the natural effect of hair exposed to the sun, a vivacious and carefree look that is popular with those looking for a nice style that is never over the top. Alternatively, apply it to dry hair to give a volumising and shaping effect.

Spray it directly on the hair at a distance of approximately 20cm, or in the palm of your hand, and proceed by shaping the strands manually.

Let it dry naturally or use the help of a diffuser or blow dryer.

Whichever way you choose to use Texturizing Sea Salt Spray you can give vibrancy and movement to your hairstyle in just a few minutes, creating in just a few moves a beach-tousled effect look made up of lots of unruly waves that will enhance any hair type: curly, straight, long or short.

With Texturizing Sea Salt Spray live the thrill of summer on your hair 12 months a year.

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create a happier salon

How to Create A Happier Salon in 7 Simple Steps

Written by Hairco and Beauty

Clients leave our salons feeling a million pounds; full of confidence, and free from any worries they’ve unloaded in the chair. But, do your team leave feeling the same? Sure, your job is to ensure your client’s are happy, but when was the last time you checked in with the gang? Your team make your salon, and your salon will only be successful with a happy team. Let’s look at how to create a happier salon..

1. Get Talking!

How often are you happy when somebody else is making all the decisions and leaving you felt unheard? We’re going to guess, umm NEVER! Get your team involved in decision making and general discussion about your salon, you’ll get fantastic first hand feedback AND increase team happiness.

2. Take your boss hat off! 

As well as talking, you have to be THE listener! You have a responsibility to ensure your team feel heard, feel they can come to you with any issues. Like your team do for your clients everyday, they may need somebody to unload on too. Offering full support, not just as a boss, but as a figure with nonjudgemental open communication is a sure way to boost team happiness. 

3. Health is wealth 

Your team are in your salon more than they are at home! Make sure you’re doing all you can to boost their well-being. This can include providing your team with fresh fruit, a full jar of coffee, a comfortable area they can relax in (when they have 30 seconds spare). Ask your team what they would find beneficial, as each salon will be different. 

One of our fab HairCo followers said, “I supply all my girls with a subscription for perks, this includes reduced rates on Spotify, cheaper gym membership , free meditation apps and loads more.”

Hannah at ENVY says she has partnered up with a local nail salon and negotiated that all her staff receive 50% off pedicures as they’re on their feet all day and deserve a bit of pampering! 

4. Let’s make a blood bond! 

Ok, please don’t cut yourselves and share any blood, but get your team bonding! Salon teams work best when they have a relationship beyond colleagues. Socialising and having fun builds bonds and creates a more efficient, happier salon. Organise a trip out for the day or a restaurant evening, the possibilities are endless! 

Hannah at ENVY says that despite her team being the far apart from each other during the COVID lockdown, she organised weekly online games nights/quizzes and her team have since been stronger and more supportive of each other. Hannah now organises monthly meet ups that have included film nights, a cocktail making class, and a nipple tassel workshop – oh lala!

5. Keep it clean and your team will never be mean 

Did you know that mess and clutter around your salon can have a negative impact on mental health. Lots of studies linked to clutter show the creation of stress and anxiety for those around it. If you’d like to read further into this have a look at this Psychology Today Article

Clean, clear and open space in a salon is essential for your teams wellbeing, and highly important to create a happier salon. Think bright open spaces with lots of light and minimal clutter around; this leaves your team able to feel calm, focused and creative. 

All areas in the salon should feel as the above; don’t create a perfect salon floor and then pile your ‘junk’ in the back for your team to sit in when away from clients! This will overwhelm them and create anxiety, a terrible combo for your hair artists! 

6. Keep it stocked, locked and loaded

Have you ever had a consultation with a client, thought of the perfect formula, gone to mix up, only to find you’re missing a tube? The frustration is REAL! Or, have you searched for the perfect sized barrel tong you want to use on your client only to find another stylist is using it. Make sure you have enough equipment and stock check regularly and order enough to ensure your team have all they need to thrive for your salon and clients. 

7. No phones allowed!

This may be a little shocking to your team as we’re all pretty addicted to our phones, but phones on the salon floor can be detrimental for your team and clients. 

Banning phones on the salon floor means full concentration and a peaceful mind when working. We all need a digital break for our mental health; FACT. 

Also, when your clients are in the salon, they expect your teams attention, if your team are on their phones your clients may feel ignored and like they are not getting the service they’re paying for. 

8. Invest in growth 

Whether personal or professional, showing you have a keen interest in your teams growth is essential for a happier salon. Send your team on regular training, give them access to self help materials or even provide a little library of growth books in the back for them to take home. A thriving, growing team is a happy team. 

A happy team contributes to a successful salon, so follow the steps above and create a happier salon today!

woman in bed mental health affects hair

How Mental Health Can Affect Hair

Mental health is finally being spoken about and accepted as a very common occurrence in many people’s lives. Usually, the affects are spoken about as internal struggles, but did you know that many symptoms are external; such as affects on skin and hair. We’ve delved into how mental health can affect hair, and what we can do to help.

Let’s start at the root of the problem, the scalp. We know that scalp health directly affects growth of hair, but do your clients? We need to ensure a scalp assessment is carried out during all appointments and advise our clients on how to keep the scalp healthy and enforce the importance of it too.

Why scalp health is important for hair growth

Brian Plunket, a Consultant Trichologist with 35 years experience spoke to us recently about scalp health. If you’d like to watch, head over to our Instagram. He explains that to understand hair growth you must first look at the anatomy of hair. For you salon pros you’ll know your stuff but for your clients and anybody needing a refresher, let’s dive in.

Hair: Each strand is made of keratin; a naturally occurring protein in the body. These keratin fibres come in 2 parts, the hair shaft and the follicle. The follicle is below the skin, whilst the shaft is the visible strand you see on your head. The follicle is made from blood vessels and nerves, these need lots of nutrition to grow healthily; nutrition that needs to come from the body, including protein, iron, Vitamin D and E. Consuming these in day to day life can help with hair health, and hair growth.

Skin: Now for skin; each hair must develop and grow from a follicle under the surface of the scalp; the follicle and surrounding skin must be nourished and healthy for the hair to grow and to minimise ingrown hair risks. When the hair is healthy enough to surface the scalp, the skin must then be moisturised and free from debris (styling products, sebum and, dead skin, dandruff) to allow for growth.

Mental health affects hair and our scalp, BUT HOW?

First let’s look at the stress hormone Cortisol; it rises when we are distressed, and is a culprit of a huge range of hair and skin concerns.

Consultant dermatologist and hair loss expert, Mia Jing Gao says, “Women who experience high levels of stress are 11 times more likely to experience hair loss than those who do not report high stress levels. An event such as major stress, illness, and pregnancy can shock the system and cause up 70% of hairs to shift from growth phase to resting phase, which results in shedding called ‘telogen effluvium’ around two months after the precipitating event.”

Not only can growth be affected, but hair that does grow can be dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

As well as hormones wreaking havoc on our hair, those suffering with mental health are known to neglect their self care. Regular hair washing and healthy eating may be a struggle for those suffering and that may also contribute to negative hair effects.

How can hair professionals help?

Our clients will turn to us primarily for hair advice; more often before, or instead of visiting a doctor. It is important for us to understand how mental health can affect hair and the scalp and to advise sensitively. We should educate ourselves on the issue and raise awareness within every professional environment we cross, so that we can talk openly together.

Always advise your clients see a doctor where necessary.

type 4 hair coily hair

Type 4: Coily Hair

With the success of our Textured range for type 4 coily hair, in the 2023 Hair awards, let’s get deep into the type 4 curl pattern!

Type 4 curls consist of fine, thin and coarse/wiry, compact coils. This hair type may seem robust, but when examined and understood, it’s texture is actually one of the most fragile! This is because, type 4 curls have far less cuticle layers (needed for protection and moisture). With minimal cuticles layers, hair is dry, tangled, susceptible to shrinkage and greatly prone to breakage if not treated carefully.

There are 3 different categories in type 4: 4A, 4B and 4C.

4A coils are compact in a curl pattern, tight S shape and have a clearly visible curl pattern

4B very tight coils, springy and more of a Z shape

4C Z shaped tight coils, a lot of shrinkage

How to Care for Type 4 Coily Hair

Number one rule for type 4 coil hair, keep it moisturised! All variations of type 4 hair should avoid products that contain paragons and sulphates! These are extremely drying and cause scalp irritation and flakiness.


Daily: Each morning spritz your hair with water and apply leave in conditioner such as Elasti-Curl Textured Leave-in Detangling Milk to provide hydration all day. Our Detangling Milk is a light, vegan, cruelty-free way to revitalise your coil hair, and bring it back to full health.

At night, wrap your coily hair or wear a bonnet! This is why it’s so important.

Weekly: It’s so important to deep condition type 4 hair! It’s even more important to deep condition curls in the correct way. Make sure to avoid these deep conditioning mistakes.

Only shampoo your hair weekly, and always use a shampoo packed with nourishing, natural, fatty ingredients. Insight’s Elasti-Curl Mild Shampoo is perfect for type 4 hair; winner in 2 categories at the 2023 Hair Awards! To see which categories it won, read our winners blog.

Choose Protective hairstyles

Reducing breakage and protecting your coily hair with the way you style it. Low-maintenance styles are great choice to protect your fragile, delicate strands.

Braids are great for healthy hair due to the absence of heat styling. We recommend loose braids as tighter styles can cause hair loss and breakage, so be warned when you’re next changing your do. Make sure to be on top of your timing with braids; a style should only be worn for about 8 weeks, after this damage can begin. Also, give your hair time to breathe and rest between such styles.

As mentioned above, heat styling and heat tools are best avoided for type 4 coily hair. But we know they can be necessary sometimes; always use heat protection that is proven against high temperatures – Insight Heat Protection Shield is ideal.

Products matter!

The very best way to care for type 4 coily hair is by choosing the best products. Products that have been scientifically formulated for the needs of your hair, not just put in a pretty bottle and spread across your social media feed by paid influencers. Our products go through years of testing to ensure the very best results! Check out our coily hair champs now.