Curly Hair Questions: Should I Sleep in a satin bonnet?

Curls need extra protection as they are more prone to dryness, frizz and breakage. So why wouldn’t you look after your hair the same way you would look after your skin?

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of sleeping in a satin bonnet and find out if it is really worth it!


While we sleep, we move, A LOT, and as we do our hair gets stuck on our pillows, in our armpits, and on our bodies which causes breakage and split ends. Sleeping in a satin bonnet stops this from happening, it reduces the friction and stress on the hair, which in turn will help to control frizz.


Our cotton pillowcases and bed sheets actually absorb moisture from our hair overnight making it dryer. By wearing a satin bonnet you can apply your hair oils, a mask, or any other products, and the bonnet will help to keep them on your hair instead of your bedding!

Try Hair Awards 2023 double winner, ELASTI-CURL BOUNCY CURLS HAIR OIL on your ends before putting your hair carefully in your satin bonnet for intense curl hydration!


Sleeping with a satin bonnet stops you from waking up the next day wondering what the hell went on in your sleep! It keeps your hair from getting matted, tangled and unruly!


We’re not saying that wearing a satin bonnet stops breakouts completely, but they do help to reduce breakouts as they stops the oils, or products that you put on your hair overnight, from dripping down to your face.


Whenever you go to sleep with an overnight mask or hair oils there is nothing stopping the products from running onto your bedding. With the low price of a satin bonnet we think it is much better to invest in one than it is to keep having to get new bedding!


Most of us don’t have enough time in a day to do our hair every single morning! Wearing a satin bonnet to bed helps keep the hairstyle in position meaning you can quite literally get up and go!

Do you wear a satin bonnet to bed? Has it changed your life/curls? Let us know!

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