Where are dates from?

The date is a typical fruit of Mediterranean Africa and of the countries in Western Asia. It is produced thanks to the cultivation of the date palm, a very long-living tree that can be around for up to 300 years and can produce 50 kilos of dates per year.

Benefits of dates for skin and hair health

Dates are an incredible source of vitamin C and D. Both of these vitamins boost collagen production, and therefore skin elasticity. Aside form this, dates are extremely rich in antioxidants; specifically tannins. Tannins prevent cell damage and oxidation, this helps with reduction of inflammation. But wait, there are even more benefits, we all look for smoother, softer skin and the nutrients found in dates do that by enhancing the strength of the subcutaneous tissue. All of these benefits delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines! Dates are the anti-aging fruit!

Dates don’t just work their wonders on our skin but also our hair. Being highly rich in iron, dates improve blood circulation and cause hair growth. They help to strengthen hair follicles and hair roots which prevents breakage and loss too.

Which INSIGHT products use date extract?

The Insight Man range uses organic date extract, which is rich in saponins, substances with anti-inflammatory qualities, vitamins and mineral salts.

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  • ANTIOXIDANT, PROTECTIVE: it protects against the aggression of external agents, owing to the high flavonoid and vitamin content.
  • NOURISHING, EMOLLIENT: it has moisturising, elasticising and toning properties.