Icy blonde hair is here to stay: Insight Blonde Cold Refelections

Although warm tones are making a 2022 summer debut, we are constantly selling out of our famous

 range so we know you LOVE to keep it cool! Let’s take a look at the results, and hear how much our wonderful salons and customers  love the range.

blonde cold reflections


Heather from Heather White Salon Says:

‘The Blonde Cold Reflections Shampoo and Mask were a bit scary to start with as the pigment is a deep blue, but WOW, does it deliver. Amazing for pre-toning and when you want to cool down a head of highlights’


Customer comment:

“I love an icy blonde finish but it’s so hard to maintain, I’ve used all kinds of purple shampoos but none have really hit the mark until I tried Cold Reflections! It was as if my hair had been freshly toned! I cleanse my hair with the Damaged range and then towel dry before using Cold Reflections; I find my hair really takes to the product if it’s less wet. I leave the shampoo on for 5 minutes and then lather and rinse. I then towel dry again and apply the mask for 10/15 minutes. Voila, my hair is icy, soft and shiny!”