The road to sustainable packaging is underway worldwide, we are ecstatic to see so many businesses following stride and   introducing sustainable choices.

But enough about others, we want to tell you all about INSIGHT, and our choice to REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE.

Firstly, what is sustainable packaging?

A widely shared definition of sustainable packaging is, “Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. This involves increased use of life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint.”

Why do we need sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is highly important in the modern world. It reduces the ecological footprint of all stages in a product’s life-cycle. Sustainable packaging helps both the producer (INSIGHT) and the consumer (YOU) to reduce environmental impact. The impact humankind has caused for the planet is by far one the greatest challenges faced today, and will continues to future generations. Making change now increases positive change for the planet and for those who will inhabit it for years to come.

So, with a view to greater social and environmental responsibility, it is necessary to continually improve packaging design AND innovate each phase of the product life cycle, hence our philosophy to REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE.

Tell me more…

The concept of Life Cycle Design is becoming increasingly popular in the packaging world. It’s a design methodology based on the concept of Life Cycle Assessment, which is the analysis of the life cycle of products. In short, thinking about packaging throughout its life cycle, from production to logistics, from distribution to consumption, up to its recycling: the objective, as mentioned above, is to minimise waste, reducing the impact on environment and society.

A main feature of Life Cycle Design is the process of packaging reuse.

Designing a bottle, a jar or a box that can exist beyond the life expectancy of the product it contains; this is the best way to act eco-responsibly, giving added value to the product itself.

For this reason, INSIGHT is proud of packaging designed not only to be used and recycled but also to be reused.

All our bottles and jars, once their primary function of preserving, protecting or transporting products has been exhausted, can be transformed into something else, through innovative and above all, sustainable solutions.