Step by Step: Toned and Even Skin in Winter

Want to know the perfect body routine for the winter? Consistency really makes all the difference! Get toned and even skin with us now….

We all know good habits make a difference! Yet, we often lose interest in a regime when we don’t see immediate results. But, as with all things, patience and consistency always pay off, especially when it comes to body care.

A regular body routine, using the right products will sine in just a few weeks: the skin on the body will appear more toned, hydrated and firm, especially during the winter months, when dehydration and dryness are prevalent.

We’ve devised a simple step by step to healthy, toned and even skin. Let’s go through the steps together!

Step 1: Exfoliation

Whether it’s a scrub, a peel or a brush, the goal is always the same: exfoliate. If you’re a complete novice to skin care, exfoliation is the act of removing dead skin cells that are sitting on the skins surface. Regular exfoliation makes room for new, healthy cells, and stimulates collagen; improving skin’s texture, skin tone, integrity, and keep the skin plump, tight and young. Also, dead skin cells reduce the effects of skincare due to reduced absorption and penetration. For more information on techniques and importance, read our recent exfoliation article.

Step 2: Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

After exfoliating, it’s time for a nice invigorating shower or bath. Choose an effective but gentle cleanser, and preferably opt for lukewarm water. We advise you limit baths, as the hotter water can weaken the skin barrier, and they’re also less environmentally friendly. However, we won’t tell you to eliminate them completely as they can do wonders for relaxation, and mental health.

Back to the ideal cleanser; you want a formula that leaves the skin clean and hydrated, with a formula high in natural ingredients, with no nasties. Our Body Cleanser ticks all the boxes! It’s even Cosmos certified; guaranteeing environmentally friendly production and processes respecting also human health.

A final note; it’s a cleanser you can use all year round! Skin care enthusiasts will tell you they switch products with he seasons, and maybe even with their mood. But, with our product, it will satisfy and nourish summer skin, winter skin, and all times between, due to its light and gentle, yet deeply hydrating formula.

insight skin body cleanser
INSIGHT Body Cleanser (mini)

Next Stop: Hydration Station (Step 3)

Moisturising skin after a shower is crucial to keeping it supple, healthy, toned and even. Choose a moisturising cream or lotion, depending on your needs or preferences. If your skin feels particularly dry and tight after showering, it means it needs a little extra nourishment. In this case, one of our Insight users have suggested their top tip.

* Mix Insight Nourishing Body Cream with a few drops of Insight Body Oil and you will be soft, smooth and glowy all day. It’s my favourite winter skin hack or for days I just need a little MORE *

Whichever your product of choice, step 3 is a non negotiable! If you skip this step you’re sure to be in the unfortunate category of premature skin ageing *yikes.*

Extra pampering for dry areas

The skin of elbows, knees, feet, and lips needs more nourishment than the rest of the body. They are notoriously drier areas and subjected to more friction, so it’s a good habit to dedicate an extra care to them. To do this you can choose a nourishing body butter, an oil, or a balm with hydrating and protective properties.

These few steps, as simple and straight forward as they sound, will change your skin when repeated consistently. Your toned and even skin will thank you after a month or so of dedicated work.

Let us know your favourite skin tips or if you’ve tried our step by step! Did you see an improvement? Did you get that even skin tone you’ve always strived for? Are you seeing more toned skin?