How To Tame Curly Hair: 5 Secrets

How many times have you googled ‘tame curly hair?’

Over 100? Us too!!  This article is dedicated to you curly-haired gals!

Let’s start with the  term “curly hair.” There are many levels of curly hair, and all too often advice and products for ‘curls’ is extremely limited or confused. Ringlets and waves, for example, are NOT the same!

However, despite the limitless combinations and unique movements of each hair on your head there are a few commonalities in how you must look after your curls.

Fist of all! EMBRACE YOUR CURL!!! Why hide the most beautiful, unique style you have? Curls are beautiful and as long as you find the right products to work with your hair, you’ll find you have a new found love for them!

So, what’s the secret? How do you even begin to tame curly hair?

Secret 1 to Tame curly hair: Hydration


Your bathroom cupboard should be filled with conditioners and masks! Nourish your hair so that your curls can thrive! Dry curls look unhealthy and unruly! when choosing conditioners and masks be sure to avoid alcohol heavy ingredients; these will dry your hair in the long run.

Secret 2 to Tame Curly Hair: Great Timing


A top tip to form the perfect, desired curl is your timing! We’re not talking about morning and night here, we mean when your hair is still wet! Apply your styling products on very very wet hair!!! Your curls will start to form as they dry so your hair must be filled with product pre drying process. Also, the longer your hair is exposed to your styling products, the better! Try and leave them in for a while before your drying process, don’t rush straight for that hair dryer!

Secret 3 to Tame Curly Hair: Ingredients


There are plenty of hair products that say they’re for ‘curly hair,’ but what does this even mean? That’s who they’re intended for? That’s who they want to buy the product? It’s sure not always the case of ‘the best product and ingredients to treat curly hair!’

You need to get clued up on what ingredients are good/not for your curls! Lots of traditional products that are aimed at curls contain sulphates; these over cleaned the hair and dry your hair out. Look for shampoo/conditioner that is full of natural ingredients! The Insight anti-frizz range is perfect for all curls whether you suffer form frizz or not.

Secret 4 to Tame Curly Hair: Regular Salon Visits

We all know we should be visiting the salon for trims regularly, this is even more important for those with curls! Do not neglect your hairdresser! In fact, make friends and find one you love as you should be seeing them at least 4 times a year!

When you have split ends, or any damage, your curls can look a frizzy mess that no amount of specialised product can fix! A fresh, regular trim can quickly transform your curly nest into elegant crown. If you can find a hairdresser that specialises in curly hair, then do so! It pays to go that extra mile!


Secret 5 to Tame Curly Hair: Knowing Your Curl


Each curl is unique! Each person is unique! How will we ever find a product that matches each person perfectly? The answer is, we can’t.  But we can at least try and bundle up the types of curls we know we can handle and help you guys out.

Here are some product tips per curl:

A light product such as Insight Styling Oil non Oil is the ideal solution for those with soft curls or for those who want to obtain a natural-looking style.

tame curly hair oil non oil hair product
Insight Oil Non oil


Thanks to its medium hold, it helps to define and shape the hair as well as to eliminate frizz.

Medium or thick curly hair, however, requires a cream product:

In this case, Insight Styling Shaping Cream is definitely the best choice if you are looking for a long lasting product with a strong hold, one that can sculpt and define curls. Moreover, on the days following the application, all you need to do is moisten your hair with your hands to magically reactivate the product’s modeling effect.

Have you  tried any of these products? Tell us about your experience below!

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