What’s the best Vegan shampoo?

Well.. that depends on your hair! The best vegan shampoo will be suited to your hair type.

The market is saturated with vegan hair products right now, every cosmetic company is jumping to create vegan hair care, but are they thinking about ticking off the needs for a label or are they thinking about the absolute best ingredients for your hair?

Always consider the needs of your hair as well as the vegan label.

The best vegan shampoo for curls

An exciting product is hitting the shelves in salons all over the UK (Nov 2021) and will soon be available to the public too! ELASTI-CURL Pure Mild Shampoo is the ultimate shampoo for curls and waves. It’s formula gently cleanses the scalp and hair, whilst deeply hydrating. Just like all of the INSIGHT hair care range, this shampoo is sulphate free and contains no drying ingredients (essential for healthy curls.) ELASTI-CURL Pure Mild Shampoo leaves curly hair soft, light, tangle free and pumped full of nutrients.

elastic-curl range

The best vegan shampoo for frizzy hair

INSIGHT’s ANTI-FRIZZ Hydrating Shampoo is fly away control in a bottle! This range is fantastic as it is effective on all hair textures and even defies humidity. Hair is left super silky, detangled and tame. Bonus: the range is filled with organic Linseed Extract, Cocoa Butter, Cotton Oil, and Hemp Oil for extreme deep penetration of nutrients.


The best vegan shampoo for blonde hair

We all know the struggles of being blonde, and we all know the harsh processes taken to achieve a perfect lift. A natural, vegan shampoo is the wonder element to any blonde’s hair routine.

When choosing that perfect  product, don’t just look for a vegan logo, this doesn’t mean a product is filled with the best nourishing ingredients. In many cases the vegan logo just means the formula is as it’s always been minus the animal elements. Instead, look for an organic, natural, vitamin packed ingredients list.

Along with soft and nourishing ingredients you should opt for a shampoo that cancels out any brassiness, this goes for you golden blondes too.  For warm tone blondes we recommend INSIGHT Anti-Yellow shampoo and for those who like their hair a cooler tone,  our multi sell out COLD REFLECTIONS range is needed!

The best vegan shampoo for ageing hair

When mature hair is creeping up on you, you need to double up on nourishing ingredients, and double down on all the nasties in much available hair care on the market. Animal by-products have no reason being on our heads, nor do we need to harm animals and use their bodies for our consumption when we have the wonderful planet to cater our every need. Besides this, ageing hair needs, and thrives when natural, organic products are introduced.

There are many different stages of the hair ageing process, to read more about this click here. Long story short, you need to evaluate your current hair circumstances and choose products based on your needs.

For example, hair that is thinning may benefit from a hair loss treatment. INSIGHT’s Loss control system is made up of Loss Control Fortifying Shampoo and a Loss Control fortifying treatment .  The range is packing with natural ingredients (Organic Horse Chestnut Extract  for Strengthening and Anti-Inflammatory purposes. Fortifying Complex (Menthol, Guarana Extract, Organic Echinacea Extract for Energising, Invigorating and Stimulating).

Besides thinning hair, ageing hair starts to become very dry if not cared for properly. It is important to ensure you use a shampoo that is deeply moisturising and packed with nourishment to replenish hair. Hair in our 30s starts to become less effective at absorbing moisture, and hair above 45 is half as capable as it was in our 20s.

Hormonal changes when ageing also play a vital roll in hair moisture. Women going through menopause will find their hair much dryer than ever before due to scalp oil glands producing less oil, which makes hair drier and less elastic. To counteract the losses of our natural process, we need to introduce products that do this work for us. Read our full blog on anti-ageing hair care here.

For most mature hair, issues include dryness and frizz, here we can introduce our Dry and Anti-Frizz ranges.

Our anti-frizz range is scientifically formulated to correct frizz, not the mask it like many other products on the market. Your hair will be treated from the inside out; intensely moisturised, gently softened, and effortlessly detangled. We do this with a careful blend of Cocoa Butter, Cotton Oil, Hemp Oil and Organic Linseed Extract.

anti-frizz range