Why it’s SO important to use heat protection!

Heat protection is so important for everyday hair care! But do we really understand why? Well, you can find out why here!

What happens if we don’t use heat protection?

After you have freshly coloured your hair the last thing you want to do is immediately strip it of colour; this is what happens when you don’t use protection! The heat strips natural and artificial colour pigments in the hair. The heat also breaks down the natural keratin protein that gives hair strength and elasticity.

By adding heat protection you are adding a protective barrier to the hair from the heated tool; you’re also locking in moisture and helping to prevent frizz. These wonder products also help to keep the hair cuticle smooth, which in turn, creates hair that looks shinier, and feels silky soft to touch.

The very best heat protection products contain the ingredients:

Humectants eg; panthenol and propylene glycol- These work by preserving the moisture and blocking the frizz!

Amino acids, strengthen the hair and are packed with antioxidants

Natural oils and extracts such as aloe, which protect and seal the hair cuticle

Some heat protectors use silicones such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone, these are not water-soluble and leave a film over the hair; weighing it down, and potentially stopping the hair from receiving moisture, air, and nutrients! There is much debate about the subject! We asked our customers who agreed they always choose water-soluble heat protection on their clients and theirselves!

Insight Professional Heat Protection Shield is professionally approved and does not contain any of the nasties above.

insight intech heat protection shield

How to use Insight heat protection shield:

Use on either dry or damp hair. Before you blow dry, or use heat tools, give the hair a spray so you lock in all the moisture, add protection, and leave your client’s hair feeling soft and fresh!

How do you find the best heat protector for your client’s hair?

Finding the best heat defence for your client’s hair is really important as using the wrong one will end up weighing the hair down and in turn ruining the end results!

To find out which heat protector is the best you need to determine

  1. What is your client’s hair type? For example, serums will not work for client’s with fine hair.
  2. What ingredients are in the spray? Look for high-quality and nourishing ingredients, including natural oils and extracts.
  3. Is the product easily attainable for your client? Remember it’s not always easy for clients to buy professional products. Can you provide the products you recommend?

Insight’s Heat Protection Shield is suitable for ALL hair types, will not weigh hair down and if filled with the very best natural ingredients. Our little wonder product is also easily attainable via an insight salon, your salon’s website/Instagram shop OR online.

What to do if your client’s hair is damaged ‘beyond repair’?

Bare in mind that heat protection spray doesn’t completely stop heat damage so it is important to fill your client’s in with ways to keep their hair healthy (like using a mask once a week and not using heat tools too often).

If your client’s come in and their hair feels straw like, or is breaking when you touch it, they may be dealing with heat damage! There are ways to save this which you can do during the appointment and give them as after care to get the hair back to its natural state!

Start by using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any product that has built up on the hair, and follow that with a deep conditioner or a hair mask. We recommend the Insight Damaged Hair Mask. Pick out a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for everyday use. We recommend the Insight Daily Use shampoo and conditioner, which is sulphate-free, cruelty-free and vegan ok!

Add a leave-in conditioner which will keep their hair protected from the elements and help to restore your client’s hair. Lastly, make sure they are getting regular trims, taking off the dead ends will promote healthy hair and keep it from breaking at the ends. And OBVIOUSLY, tell them to lay off the heat while their hair is repairing!

insight intech heat protection shield

If you have any other tips and tricks on how to keep your client’s hair healthy let us know on by sending a dm on Instagram!