Anti-Ageing Hair Tips

When we hear anti-ageing, we automatically think of our skin. We spend copious amounts on skincare, to boost our college, fill fine lines, and shrink our pores, but what do we do for our hair?

Our hair changes with age, this may be in colour, texture, volume or growth rate. While this is inevitably unavoidable, there are many things you can do to slow down the process, and reclaim your youthful lock look.

Our fabulous UK ambassador, award winning hairdresser, and global educator Carolyn Newman shares her secrets and top anti-ageing hair tips.

Colour for ageing hair

“In terms of colour, I would always suggest a shade or two lighter if you want to take away the years. Most women will suit a lighter shade as they mature. Extremely dark hair and block colour can be too harsh on older skin tones and much more ageing. I’d recommend multi-tonal colour with highlights around the face which can help blend the greys to create a much softer look rather and take years off in an instant.”

The perfect cut

“When it comes to the haircut and styling; aim for a softer more textured cut which can lift the face and create body to give a more youthful look.  There is a common misconception that mature clients should always opt for a shorter hair, but I believe it’s about feeling confident and attractive and if that means having long hair then don’t opt for a chop!” 

Products, products, products

“With a good cut, fabulous colour, good condition, and the right tools long hair can be perfectly manageable and beautiful. It is imperative to invest in quality, anti-ageing products to keep hair looking younger, healthier, and more manageable for their day to day styling. Insight is an amazing range of natural, vegan hair care that is perfect for hair that needs a youthful glow.” 

For the ultimate anti-ageing hair routine check out our age defying blog. You’ll also find lifestyle tips, and potential everyday ways you may be speeding up the ageing hair process, EEK!

“As it gets older, hair goes through notable changes from thinning, changes in texture and becoming dryer, so it’s essential to maintain the hair’s moisture using hydrating shampoo and conditioners. I recommend the Insight Dry Hair range.”