INSIGHT Melted Care has arrived

Compact, concentrated, environmentally friendly

Let’s discover the NEW Insight Melted Care range!

They have finally arrived!

Today we welcome the brand-new Melted Care products. Available in the Daily Use and Dry Hair lines, the new Melted products have an innovative and concentrated texture, which guarantees maximum convenience and usage in very little space.

Compact, concentrated and ecological: let’s discover all the strength of Melted Care products.

  1. Energizing Melted Shampoo, from the Daily Use range
    Shampoo with a melted texture, formulated for frequent use, gently cleanses the scalp and hair, leaving it moisturised and soft to the touch
  2. Energizing Melted Conditioner, from the Daily Use range
    Conditioner with a melted texture ideal for frequent use, it moisturises and nourishes the hair, leaving it shiny and improving combability
  3. Nourishing Melted Shampoo, from the Dry Hair range
    A shampoo with a melted texture, formulated to take care of dry hair, gently cleanses the scalp and hair, leaving it moisturised and soft to the touch
  4. Nourishing Melted Conditioner, from the Dry Hair range
    Conditioner with a melted texture, formulated to restore elasticity and moisture to dry hair. It performs a nourishing action and restores elasticity to dry hair

Concentrated formulas for twice as many uses

Why choose a concentrated product? Here are a few reasons:

To save water in the formula when compared to a liquid product

For the compact and travel-safe format (70 ml)

To achieve twice as many uses compared to the same amount in liquid form

All this with the same professional Insight quality.

These are products with a melted consistency that are perfect for travelling, thanks to their compact packaging and solidified textures that prevent product spillage. The highly concentrated, almost water-free formulas allow little product to be used to achieve the same signature Insight result.

The first ingredient in the INCI of melted products is not water, but vegetable glycerine. This ingredient has a humectant and conditioning action on the skin and hair due to its ability to attract water. The moisturising and elasticising properties of vegetable glycerine make it particularly suitable for sensitive skin and hair in need of moisture and nourishment.

All the benefits of Melted products

An innovative line that preserves Insight’s quality and professionalism in a 70 ml format.

Discover all their advantages:

Without sulphate surfactants
Melted shampoos do not contain sulphate surfactants, but use surfactants from the isethionate family, which are gentle on the skin and hair

High percentage of naturality
The formulas contain a high percentage of naturally derived ingredients (97%)

VeganOK certification
The melted products are certified Vegan OK, a standard that encourages the spread of a culture of respect for the environment, animals and biodiversity, so that these values may represent a common heritage for all

Nickel tested
All references are nickel tested at less than 0.5 ppm to ensure greater safety in case of hypersensitivity

Hygiene and practicality
Compared to the solid ‘bar’ format, the packaging of these products allows only the necessary amount to be taken out, making them suitable not only for daily personal use, but also for professional use in the salon, thanks to the hygienic spatula

Eco-responsibile packaging
The jars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET. The caps are made of 100% recycled PP. Labels have a minimum 25% recycled PET resin content