Curl Questions: Is my hair naturally curly?

We’ve seen it once, we’ll see it a million more times, TIKTOK is making us question EVERYTHING. The question on everybodies lips right now is.. ‘Is my hair naturally curly?’

If you suspect your hair may be anything but straight, check out these hints and signs that will help you decide your curly fate.

1. Your wet hair forms movement

Next time your hair is wet, and unbrushed, check to see if curls or waves form. Lifting small clumps at the roots and gently shaking often helps waves and curls to establish their pattern.

The reason not to brush hair wet is because brushing may encourage your waves or curls to stretch out and appear straight.

2. Your hair line is wild

Whether your hair is up or down you have baby hairs, strays, and wisps flying wild. Often stubborn and unruly, these little hairs have a mind of their own, no matter how much hairspray you use.

3. Your parting chooses itself

We all have a dream that our hair does exactly what we want it to, with curls, a dream parting is rarely a reality.

Curly, wavy hair lifts where it wants to, and curl clumps have no exact science or map; your hair will choose where is feels and lays best, don’t fight it.

4. Frizz is a big part of your life

Lack of moisture is the leading cause of frizz. When curls and waves lack moisture they will scream out to the atmosphere and ask for it; dry hair will absorb moisture from the air, causing frizz, which also explains why humidity can send your hair into a frantic frizz ball.

5. Random Volume

Straight hair is often lacking in volume, curly hair is often the opposite. Although, you won’t have much control of where the volume starts or stops. Cowlicks, bedhead, and random poofs of volume are often tell tale signs of your curly status.

6. Air drying leaves hair dancing

If your hair is anything but straight when you leave it to air dry then chances are your hair is curly/wavy.

7. You have family with curly hair

Genetics play a part in your curls. If you have a Grandmother, Mother, or Aunt with curly hair there’s a chance you may be part of a curly family.

8. Your hair feels dry for no reason

Does your hair feel dry despite your moisturising masks and treatments? Curly, wavy hair is prone to dryness and frizz because it’s harder for your natural oils to coat each strand. As well as this, curls are porous and affect how hair retains moisture.

9. Your hair has changed over time

Hair texture changes over time, many of these changes are due to he maturation process. However, other reasons including age, stress, diet and hormonal changes play a part in hair texture.  Straight hair will usually stay straight throughout these events,  or hair will return straight thereafter, e.g. after a hormonal change, such as pregnancy.

So, you still may be asking ‘Is my hair naturally curly?’ one sure way to tell, is to give a curly hair routine a go!