After a whole year of development, the ELASTI-CURL line is finally here! Whilst formulating and experimenting, we discovered and learned a lot about curly hair: its needs, its structure, the various types of curls, and how to keep them all bouncy and healthy. Extensive detailed research and countless trials later, here we are today, presenting the results of these exciting and months of work.

ELASTI-CURL is the ideal synthesis to take care of curly and wavy hair. It combines the experience of Insight Professional with the best Phytoextracts and ingredients that promote hydration, nourishment, and shine.

elasti-curl model

Having worked with hair for over seventy years, we know that each hair is a world of its own. This is a known truth, but it is even more so when it comes to curly hair: a mosaic of patterns, textures, and shapes, all different. No two curls are alike, so how do you create a product that can satisfy all types of curls?

Listening, observing, and trying. Our goal was to formulate a delicate but moisturising wash, create high-quality protective and multitasking styling and finishing products. The focus was placed on the strengths of curly hair, working to create a line capable of preserving hydration, helping to detangle, condition, and nourish.

Another great plus of the ELASTI-CURL line is that it can improve the elasticity of the strands, helping to reactivate and preserve the memory of the curl pattern, making it defined and bouncy.

ELASTI-CURL is an essential line: three products to be used individually or combined for maximum results. Let’s explore the products.

elastic-curl range


This shampoo is a real curly treat. With a waxy, buttery consistency, it was designed as a sort of co-wash, but with superior washing power: thanks to delicate surfactants and Coconut, Chia, and Sacha Inchi Phyto-oils it nourishes and moisturises the hair during washing, leaving it clean, soft, and healthy.


A styling cream with an anti-frizz effect. This wonder cream keeps the hair defined, even in humid weather, and creates soft and elastic curls, without weighing them down. It highlights the pattern of the individual strands, while preserving volume, without leaving residues.


A nourishing and elasticizing oil that seals the cuticles while maintaining moisture inside the hair. Its mixture of Phyto-oils makes it perfect for different uses, both as a finishing product and as a pre-shampoo treatment. This last use, especially recommended for thicker and denser curls, consists of applying a dose of elasticizing oil to dry hair before shampooing and keeping it on for half an hour or more. This process will help untangle the hair and give it a boost of nourishment.

ELASTI-CURL, the latest Insight Professional innovation is ready to reactivate your curls!