What is my curl type or curl pattern?

Determining your curl type (or pattern) can help you find the best products, masks, and styling techniques for your curls or waves.

Curls are broken into 3 different types (below) – wavy (2), curly (3), and coily (4) – then again into subcategories which are determined by the shape of the curl.


Wavy hair looks like loose S shapes and falls in-between straight and curly. Wavy hair is more prone to frizz than straight hair is, and needs added hydration; nothing too heavy as the weight of a heavy mask will weigh down the hair.

2A is more of a beach wave that starts close to the head and has a little bit of volume.

2B more defined waves, starting lower down on the head.

2C starting at the root, more defined waves. Texture varies as some curls are in 2C


This hair type tends to be a lot drier as the natural oils can’t reach the ends. A thick conditioning treatment will work wonders for this hair type! We recommend a leave-in conditioning treatment or a hair mask.

3A defined loop curls the size of a cork screw

3B ringlets the size of your finger with some volume

3C tight curls the size of a straw


The hair appears smaller due to shrinkage, this hair type is more prone to breakage and dryness, it will also tangle easier than other hair types. We recommend using hydrating and nourishing treatments for this hair type.

4A coils are compact in a curl pattern, tight S shape

4B very tight coils, springy and more of a Z shape

4C Z shaped tight coils, a lot of shrinkages

Do you have any tips on how else to figure out your hair type? Let us know!

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