How to treat Dry Hair: 10 Amazing Tips

Treat dry hair with these 10 steps!

Is your hair lacking luster, looking particularly frizzy, and feeling hopelessly brittle? The cause is most likely DRY HAIR!

Dry hair not only looks unhealthy, it is prone to breakage and flyaways, and can be particularly difficult to tame. If you want to reclaim your silky, sleek hair then this blog is for you.

1.Wash Your Hair Less

Washing your hair too often can lead to very dry hair! If you’re a daily washer, you will be lucky to see hydration in your locks! Washing often strips your hair of natural oils and overall moisture. Cut back and wash your hair every other day, or every three days if you can! When you reduce hair washes, your hair starts to clean itself more efficiently and locks in all that moisture!

When easing off the hair washes you may experience greasy hair in the first few weeks, use a little dry shampoo to soak up extra oil. The excess oil production will subside!

2. Go Sulfate Free

INSIGHT is always Sulfate-free, and for good reason! Sulfate strips hair of natural oils. leaving it painfully dry!

dryhair shampoo

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3. Reduce Heat Styling

We all know that heat goes hand in hand with dry hair! If you’re one to use the hottest setting on your hair dryer followed by straighteners everyday, then its no wonder you hair may be feeling dry! Limit your styling with heat tools! When do absolutely have to use them. always use the lowest heat setting and ALWAYS use heat protection!

See INSIGHT heat protection shield


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INSIGHT heat protection shield 150ml

4. Apply A Mask

Dry hair needs all the moisture it can get! By adding a weekly treatment specifically designed for dry hair you will have a head of hydrated hair In no time!

INSIGHT DRY HAIR MASK is bursting with a special mix of ingredients designed to nourish dry and dull hair, without weighing it down. The treatment strengthens thin and fragile hair, penetrating the capillary material and giving elasticity, volume and softness.

MASK ingredients includes: Organic Oat Extract: Calming, Emollient, Reconstructive. Nourishing Complex (Coconut Oil, Illipe Butter, Sweet Almond Oil).

dry hair mask

5. Brush With Natural Bristles

Treat dry hair with natural bristles! If you have dry hair, brushes with synthetic bristles will snag and rip your hair, leading to some serious damage. They can also cause flyaways and static, which will make your hair look unruly and unkept. Brushes with natural bristles are a lot more gentle on the hair.

6. Turn down the Heat

Hot showers damage your hair by stripping the valuable oils, leading to dry and brittle hair. Hot temperatures will also dry out the scalp, causing a dry, flakey and itchy scalp! Turn down that heat to treat dry hair!

If possible, on your final shampoo/conditioner rinse, or just before getting out the shower, turn down the temperature to as cold as you can stand. This seals the cuticle and locks in extra moisture, leaving your hair looking shiny, hydrated and nourished. 

7. Use Dry Hair Focused Shampoo & Conditioner

When you are treating a hair concern you must use the correct products! Products are specially formulated with specific ingredients that scientists have spend years perfecting to help you! Don’t reach for the Shampoo on offer at your local supermarket and say ‘that’ll do,’ believe us. it won’t!

INSIGHT DRY HAIR range has been specially crafted to gently detangle, nourish and deeply repair dry hair. It restores shine and softness to even the driest of hair! Try it for yourself!


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8. Eat Omega-3

Treat dry hair with food! Our diet has an impact on our hair, those who suffer with dry hair need to increase their Omega-3 fatty acids! A diet rich in Omega-3 can help your scalp produce more natural oils for subsequent nourished and hydrated hair.

Sources of VEGAN Omega-3:

  • Chia Seeds
  • Ground Linseed
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Omega-3 Supplements
  • Seaweed & Algae
  • Flaxseeds
  • Edamame
  • Kidney Beans
  • Soybean Oil

10. Get Regular Trims

If you have a little look at your hair, you’ll notice that the ends are by far the most dehydrated and Brittle. You can even see some splits going on! To ensure your hair is looking it’s best and healthiest, you should have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Now you know how to treat dry hair you can have luscious locks again in no time!
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