Boost Your Wellbeing Now: 8 Wellbeing Tips During Lockdown

We’re on our third lockdown, and it can be a struggle to stay positive! We need to work on our wellbeing to come out of this healthier and stronger than before! We’ve put together 8 wellbeing tips during lockdown to boost your zen.

8 wellbeing tips during lockdown

1. Look after your mental health

Some of the main reasons for deteriorating mental health include change, uncertainty and loneliness. No wonder why we’re all feeling a bit down!

There are several benefits associated with positive mental wellbeing, including:

  •       Reduced stress and anxiety
  •       Improved moods and clearer thinking
  •       A greater sense of calm and increased self-esteem
  •       Improved relationships

There are many ways you can support positive mental health, lots of which will be personal to you, however the following points will contribute greatly.

2. Know your own mental health needs

Mental health can be a difficult subject, many people may not understand their true feelings, nor be able to express them.  But, this exploration and understanding is important when dealing and managing mental health and stress. We’re here to help you understand with some questions:

  • Are you more irritable lately? Perhaps in situations you wouldn’t have been before.
  • Are you less tolerant of those around you?
  • Are you still engaging in activities that you enjoy?
  • How is your concentration?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you worrying about your future? Which part?
  • Are you taking time for yourself?
  • Has your sleep changed? more/less
  • Are you following a routine?
  • Are your eating habits the same as usual?

If you are noticing changes to your normal behaviour, this is a sign you may be struggling. We are living in strange times, our routines have been thrown out the window, it is perfectly normal to respond to these changes with stress and anxiety.  But, when we understand and process how we feel about this change we are 1 step closer to improved mental wellbeing.

Let’s take back control! When we feel in control of our lives we feel better about our mental state! So, dig into your mind, how are you feeling right now? What is causing your stress/anxiety? Writing these thoughts down can help you feel like you are controlling your emotions, seeing them objectively and then therefore being able to respond with clarity and control. You may find it helpful to share these thoughts with a trusted friend or family member for another view. Often, our worries are made bigger in our own minds.

There are many other useful resources for dealing with mental health during COVID-19 on the GOV website , on MIND, and the NHS.

3. Practice mindfulness

No matter what is happening around us, the stress we’re experiencing, where we are in the world, mindfulness can help to ground us and make us fully present in the moment.

Practising mindfulness helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory, and helps with concentration. When incorporating the method long term there is significant benefit to how improvement in emotional health, relationships and communication.

To start your mindful journey click HERE.

4. Stay connected

One of the most important wellbeing tips during lockdown is to stay connected! It is important to be in touch with family and friends in such difficult times! With the vast technology we have accessible, we have no excuse, and it’s never been easier!

Not seeing our loved ones face to face can impact our mental health! But, keeping in touch and communicating with them regularly can help! Of course it is not the same as giving our best friend a huge hug, but a little communication can be a huge mental boost.

We all have our own way of cheering up our loved ones online! Try our some new platforms! Maybe even get dancing on TikTok and connect with people around the world!

5. Eat a healthy diet

We all learned from Lockdown 1.0! Comfort eating and midweek wine did nothing for our mental or physical wellbeing! If you’ve not learned just yet, its a great time to start! It’s the new year after all!

The benefits of a healthy diet are endless! If you need some help find info HERE.


6. Keep moving! 

Physical health is just as important as mental health at a time like this. In fact, working on your physical health can boost your mental health!

Gyms may be closed  but that is no excuse! There are plenty of ways to keep you body moving!

  • Go for a bike ride
  • Join a virtual fitness class (TV, Instagram, YouTube etc)
  • Go for a walk (close by)
  • Order some home weights
  • Get cleaning (heavy cleaning is a great workout)
  • Get some resistance bands (strengthens muscles & mobility)
  • Follow an online Yoga class
  • Start ‘couch to 5K’ if you want to start running

7. Challenge yourself

This point is very broad! It can be about fitness, self care/development, your job or anything you like! By having a goal and setting a challenge you set yourself a purpose! This is great for mental wellbeing!

Choose a realistic goal and begin your journey!

8. Get your beauty sleep

A final, but one of our VERY important wellbeing tips during lockdown, is to SLEEP!

If you aren’t sleeping well, your whole body is suffering!

The lockdown disruption is causing us to slip into bad sleep habits!

We need to practice good sleep hygiene:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule – wake up at the same time EVERYDAY
  • Try not to nap in the day
  • Include wind down time in your day (30 minutes before bed)
  • Practice healthy living in the day (be active, get daily light exposure, reduce alcohol consumption, don’t smoke, don’t eat too late)
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol late at night
  • Optimise bedtime (buy a quality comfortable mattress, buy cotton breathable sheets, set a cool temperature, use calming scents, ensure silence, block out light)

For more information see HERE.

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