The INSIGHT FEELINGS  line welcomes two new products: we are happy to finally tell you about the new, all-over Insight fragrances.

The inspiration behind these two compositions is simple: we wanted to translate our philosophy, our choices, our “urban nature” within a perfume; Insight bottled. This is how INSIGHT Feelings fragrances were born: two complementary souls, two faces of the same olfactory memory. Come with us on this journey through fragrant notes.

All-over and unisex: choose yours.

The new INSIGHT fragrance ‘s are two different accords with a distinctive flavor but united by the same concept: perfect to use on body and hair, but also on fabrics and ambient. They are 100% natural, and perfect for treating yourself to a moment of comfort and relaxation during the day.

Whether you prefer fresh and crystalline fragrances, or more gourmand and warm notes, we have what you like. Two different olfactory profiles, united by the same soul. Let’s discover them together. 

Breezy Afternoon

Gourmand fragrance for body and hair


insight fragrance breezy afternoon
Breezy Afternoon

The scent of a warm afternoon in an orchard on the Mediterranean, while a brisk breeze blows from the sea. Fresh and fruity top notes give way to a heart of ylang-ylang and rose, on a base of cedarwood and vanilla.


Olfactory description: fresh, fruity.


Top notes: Mandarin, grapefruit, orange, bergamot

Heart notes: Aloe, fruity notes, ylang-ylang, rose

Base notes: Vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood


Memory of a Scent

Spicy fragrance for body and hair

insight fragrance memory of a scent


Bright and soft, like a cascade of tiny white flowers warmed by the sun. The spicy opening notes hide a golden heart of cinnamon and orange, which reveals a creamy base of vanilla and patchouli.


Olfactory description: spicy, floral, amber.

Top notes: Cinnamon, orange

Heart notes: White flowers, carnation, ylang-ylang, rose

Base notes: Cream, vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood