INSIGHT NATIVE: 100% natural hair dye

The tradition of dyeing herbs has a thousand-year history. Since ancient times women and men have colored their bodies and hair using ground plants and roots. Over the centuries these traditions have been mixed with a variety of rituals, each traveling their own way from a different place in the world, and now they have come down to us. Insight has chosen to plant the seed of this ancient history in the present, applying advanced Phyto-technologies to the processing of raw materials, to create safe products with a professional performance. An ancient tradition, rewritten in a modern key.

A natural alternative, professional result.

Insight has worked with dedication to the development of this line, the goal was to bring a real professional alternative to those who want to color their hair in a natural way, without having to give up a professional salon result. Thus, was born Native, a complete line that includes three pure dyeing herbs, two pre-mixed blends, and an entire hair care line to take care of hair after coloring and keep shades intense and vibrant.

Let’s see it together.

Native, a primary color palette. But we like to call it primal colors.

The pure herbs in the Native line are three, like the three primary colors: the red of henna, the blue of indigo, and the golden shades of cassia are our palette. By mixing these three shades, you can create endless color variations, from warm brown to the most vibrant black, passing through all shades of blonde.


Along with these three primary shades, Insight has created two pre-mixed blends, a warm blonde and a brown, perfect to use on their own or as a base to customize any color.

All herbs are contained in resealable paper bags:

The two blends:

All herbs are enriched with organic oils of Mongongo and Cartamo, which combined with the beneficial properties of Ayurvedic herbs, known for thousands of years to many cultures and used in the medicinal tradition, help to strengthen and nourish the hair, making Native a proper strengthening treatment, as well as a coloring product.

A haircare Cosmos Natural certified line

To complement the pigment collection, Native also includes a selection of hair care products designed to maintain the color and health of naturally treated hair. This line is Cosmos Natural certified and includes four products for a complete routine, from cleansing to blow-drying.

Reviving Shampoo – 900 ml, 400 ml

+ Organic red grapevine and green tea extracts
+ Rice vinegar

A shampoo with a reinvigorating and brightening action, ideal to use after coloring treatment, but also for maintaining the dye at home.

Reviving Hair Mask – 500 ml, 250 ml

+ Organic Linseed and Sesame Oils
+ Rice vinegar

Hair mask with detangling and revitalizing properties. It provides nutrition and softness to the hair after dyes.

insight product range

Reviving Hair Fluid – 150 ml 

+ Organic ginseng and karkadé extracts
+ Rice vinegar

A multifunctional lotion, with a reinvigorating and brightening action.

Nourishing Hair Elixir – 100 ml

+ Organic argan, mongongo, and linseed oils

A mixture of natural oils, with a softening and brightening action on the hair.

Natural color or professional result? From today, with Native, you can have both!

Discover the Native world and be inspired by the rituals of nature.