LIQUID CRYSTALS: The BEST Organic Hair Serum

If you’re not using a serum, your hair is not finished!

What is a hair serum?

Hair serums are liquid based styling products that coat your hair’s surface. They provide a protective layer over hair fibres that assist in smoothing frizz, adding shine, reflecting light and protecting against humidity.

Hair serums don’t heal damage, but they can nourish hair and help retain moisture depending on their ingredients. Liquid Crystals  hair serum does just that, and more!

What is an organic hair serum?


An organic hair serum is simply, the same as above with the added benefit of organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other additives or chemicals.

liquid crystals

What are the benefits of a hair serum?

The benefits list goes on and on!

Controls frizz

When your hair is on the weaker, damaged side, it can look dry and frizzy. Hair serums can control this issue and have your hair looking sleek and moisturised after immediate use. Essentially, the serum adds enough weight to weak strands to give substance, but not too much that strands are heavy and greasy. A hair serum is 100% essential for curly hair to ensure your natural curl pattern is locked in for the day. To read about curly hair care click here. 

Extreme smoothing

The previously mentioned anti-frizz effects of hair serum also provide a smoothing effect. Think of the light reflecting, mirror shine you see in magazines and on the red carpet. This look is not reserved exclusively to celebrities, it’s just waiting in a hair serum.

Enhances your hair pattern

Your hair type is determined by the shape of your hair follicle, which may be:

  • straight
  • wavy
  • curly

You may already know which hair pattern you have, if you aren’t sure, this may help you decide.

For straight hair, serums enhance shine and smoothness, giving a glossy mirror look, whereas curly guys and girls can benefit from bounce creation and curl definition.

No more tangles

Knots and tangles are a thing of the past when using a serum, hair is so silky and smooth combs glide through effortlessly.

Anti damage

While a serum cannot reverse damage, it can certainly protect against any further damage to your hair, including:

  • Damage from heat (Heated drying/styling)
  • Chemical processing (Colouring, perming etc)
  • Environmental aggressors (UV, pollution)
  • Mechanical aggressors (Brushing, styling)



Organic Sesame Oil: Moisturizing , Restructuring.

Flaxseed Oil. Nourishing, Polishing , Strengthening.

How to use Liquid Crystals organic hair serum:

Although seemingly straight forward, there is a correct way to use a hair serum to get the best possible results. Application according to a professional:

  1. Start with clean, damp hair
  2. Pump 1/2 drops of serum into your hands, let the product liquify for 5/6 seconds and then rub between hands to warm for a further 5-10 seconds
  3. Apply to hair, starting with the ends and working up to the mid lengths. Spread the product evenly, avoiding the roots.
  4. Use a wide comb to ensure product is distributed through hair evenly.
  5. Dry hair as usual, ensure to add a heat defence if your hair serum doesn’t already contain protection
  6. Repeat step 2 but with only 1/2 a pump for added shine and smoothness.