We all LOVE summer and we all love the sun, but summer is often cruel and harsh on hair! But, with a little pre-prep, we can prepare hair for summer and keep it as healthy and hydrated as possible! If you’re interested in strong, beautiful, shiny hair let’s speed this along as summer is coming in HOT… (with NEW products included!)

1. Color Refresh

We all want stunning summer photos to post online and send to friends. Fresh colour boosts confidence, and looks camera ready for that beach photoshoot! Colour should always be administered by a professional, please avoid box-dying hair (particularly before exposure to summer) as box dyes are known to contain nasty chemicals that damage hair.

Colour tip: If you don’t like your hair too bright, go a shade darker in the salon as the sun will lighten a colour service.

2. Vitamin Sea Please

A balanced diet is crucial for hair health, but it’s pretty hard to hit those vitamin goals consistently, day after day. Plus, not all of our bodies are power machines that can absorb and create all that’s needed. Adding a supplement such as a multivitamin can be the missing piece of the summer hair puzzle!

Top vitamins to prepare hair for summer, and general hair health: Biotin, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc. Start your vitamin boost early for max results! **It is always best to consult a doctor before drastically changing vitamin intake due to your own personal circumstances/health.**

4. Deal With Damage

Another trick to prepare hair for summer is to reverse current damage! Treat hair with INSIGHT Rebuild, our wonder treatment rebuilds hair fibres and seals ends after just a single use!

If you’re a salon and would like to offer Rebuild as a treatment please get in touch, we can offer full training.

5. UV Protection

It’s not just our skin that needs UV protection! The sun has major drying effects on our hair, and although we don’t see or feel the damage right away, it’s happening right under our freckling noses. Shield strands this summer with UV protection from our ANTIOXIDANT Range; carry our HYDRA-REFRESH hair and body water around with you on those hot days!

6. Less Heat!

It’s no surprise that using heated tools can damage your hair so why not leave your hair alone this summer with our NEW Texturizing Sea Salt Spray! Functional Additives include: Sea Salt and Organic Aloe Vera to add moisture to your hair while giving you the beach babe look all year round!

7. Fresh Trim

Freshly-trimmed ends will ensure hair is in the best condition to handle whatever summer throws at us! Chop, chop, time is running out!

8. Go Sun-kissed 

Nobody has time for touch-ups in summer! Low-maintenance, lived in colours work great when all your want to worry about is fun in the sun! Ask your Insight Salon for a balayage, root smudge over highlights, or root stretch ombre; all will see you through the season.

9. Protein Load

We all know our diet has a major effect on our hair health! Foods high in protein are packed with hair-loving nutrients! If there’s one time to load up or double that dose, its pre-summer!

10. Go Natural 

Many of us can achieve natural highlights with sun exposure alone! If you’re in this lucky club, skip the hair colouring altogether this year and focus on a natural sun-kiss! You can braid your hair to balayage believe it or not! Have you ever wondered why so many people plait their hair on holiday? They’re exposing different sections of hair to the sun for natural lightening; the result is a beautifully natural beach balayage look.  

11. Go Deep

If there’s one thing needed to prepare hair for summer, it’s HYDRATION! A deep conditioner that works for your hair type is a must! We suggest Insight Professional ANTI-OXIDANT RANGE, DAMAGED HAIR RANGE, & Our SUMMER HOLIDAY HAIR KIT.

12.  Protect your skin and hair!

The sun doesn’t just damage your hair, it also plays havoc with your skin, we have already mentioned the use of UV protection in the sun is an absolute MUST for your hair and for your skin, so now we need you to look after it when you get back home! We recommend the NEW Summer Experience Nourishing Body & Hair Butter to keep your hair and body nourished and moisturised in the summer months!

Have you found our tips to prepare hair for summer useful? Let us know via Facebook or Instagram, and let us know if you have any more tips and tricks for us!