Professional Tips: Embrace natural curls and waves

The curly hair revolution is here! Bubbling and boiling over the last few years, it’s finally erupted and everybody is ready to put their straighteners down and let their hair do its thing! We’re ready to ride the wave with you all and help you along your curly, wavy journey with professional tips, tricks, and advice. If you’re ready to embrace your natural curls or waves, this is for you!

The Basics

Don’t try to force your hair to do something doesn’t want to do. If you want natural, you have to work with what you already have. You won’t get perfct curls and styles the first time you try (unless you’ver VERY lucky). It takes time to build your natural curls and waves when youv’e been fighting against them for so long.

How to tell if you have curly or wavy hair 

It’s obvious if you have curly or wavy hair isnt it? Not always. But thanks to the internet plenty of people are discovering they have beautiful undiscovered texture. To find out if you may have curls or waves, click here.

Do NOT wash your hair every day

We should all know by now that washing daily is bad for our hair and scalp. If there is one hair type that needs to take this advice VERY seriously, it’s the curly crew. Overwashing strips hair of natural oils, causing curls to dry out very quickly. Ideally, hair should be washed once or twice a week, with refreshes inbetween.

Let’s talk brushing

Using a brush on dry hair leads to separated and frizzy curls, think Monica from friends in ‘that’ episode. Brush your hair in the shower, whilst wet and filled with conditioner.

Find the perfect products

Eliminate the sulphates and drying alcohols, these will lead to dryness and frizz. Choose moistursing products that are as natural as possible. Chances are you hair is on the dry side, you should incorporate a pre shampoo treatment, or a pre-poo as it’s been named. For all textures, particularly type 4,  use INSIGHT ELASTI-CURL Bouncy Curls Hair Oil


Apply and massage on the lengths for a few minutes. A natural, moisturising mask can also be used as a pre-poo treatment. See below for recommendations.
insight dry hair mask
Dry hair Mask
insight anti frizz mask
Anti-Frizz Mask

When choosing a shampoo, always ensure there are no silicones. Silicones seal hair strands, stopping air and moisture being able to penetrate deep to nourish hair. Read about silicones in hair care here.

elastic-curl range

Our Pure Mild Shampoo has been scientifically formulated for over a year to ensure a formula to delight curls. With a waxy, buttery consistency, it was designed as a sort of co-wash, but with a superior washing power: thanks to delicate surfactants and Coconut, Chia, and Sacha Inchi Phyto-oils it nourishes and moisturises the hair during washing, leaving it clean, soft, and healthy. It’s formula and ingredient mix is like no other. When talking hold, you need to figure out which product works for you and your curls, it may be a curling cream,  gel,  mousse, or a mix! Type 3/4 curls often need a gel for extra hold.
insight styling gel cement
Styling gel cement

Dry your curls the right way

Your finished curls depend on how you dry them. You’ll need to experiment and find out which drying technique works best for you. Air drying may work for some and not others, whilst many will need to diffuse. Air drying tips: Lay a microfiber towel or T-shirt down on a flat surface, lean over (flipping your hair upside down) and place the ends of your hair in the center of the towel. Lower your hair to allow your curls to scrunch towards your scalp, then wrap the towel/t-shirt. This is called plopping and can be seen below.

Eat right 

Hair health starts from within! We can our hair the most nutritious products possible but we also need to be filling our bodies with nutrition too. Your curls will thrive with your diet is rich in vitamins, protein and healthy fats. Don’t forget about hydration, water, water, water.            

Curl Questions: Is my hair naturally curly?

We’ve seen it once, we’ll see it a million more times, TIKTOK is making us question EVERYTHING. The question on everybodies lips right now is.. ‘Is my hair naturally curly?’ If you suspect your hair may be anything but straight, check out these hints and signs that will help you decide your curly fate.

1. Your wet hair forms movement

Next time your hair is wet, and unbrushed, check to see if curls or waves form. Lifting small clumps at the roots and gently shaking often helps waves and curls to establish their pattern. The reason not to brush hair wet is because brushing may encourage your waves or curls to stretch out and appear straight.

2. Your hair line is wild

Whether your hair is up or down you have baby hairs, strays, and wisps flying wild. Often stubborn and unruly, these little hairs have a mind of their own, no matter how much hairspray you use.

3. Your parting chooses itself

We all have a dream that our hair does exactly what we want it to, with curls, a dream parting is rarely a reality. Curly, wavy hair lifts where it wants to, and curl clumps have no exact science or map; your hair will choose where is feels and lays best, don’t fight it.

4. Frizz is a big part of your life

Lack of moisture is the leading cause of frizz. When curls and waves lack moisture they will scream out to the atmosphere and ask for it; dry hair will absorb moisture from the air, causing frizz, which also explains why humidity can send your hair into a frantic frizz ball.

5. Random Volume

Straight hair is often lacking in volume, curly hair is often the opposite. Although, you won’t have much control of where the volume starts or stops. Cowlicks, bedhead, and random poofs of volume are often tell tale signs of your curly status.

6. Air drying leaves hair dancing

If your hair is anything but straight when you leave it to air dry then chances are your hair is curly/wavy.

7. You have family with curly hair

Genetics play a part in your curls. If you have a Grandmother, Mother, or Aunt with curly hair there’s a chance you may be part of a curly family.

8. Your hair feels dry for no reason

Does your hair feel dry despite your moisturising masks and treatments? Curly, wavy hair is prone to dryness and frizz because it’s harder for your natural oils to coat each strand. As well as this, curls are porous and affect how hair retains moisture.

9. Your hair has changed over time

Hair texture changes over time, many of these changes are due to he maturation process. However, other reasons including age, stress, diet and hormonal changes play a part in hair texture.  Straight hair will usually stay straight throughout these events,  or hair will return straight thereafter, e.g. after a hormonal change, such as pregnancy.

So, you still may be asking ‘Is my hair naturally curly?’ one sure way to tell, is to give a curly hair routine a go!

elastic-curl range


After a whole year of development, the ELASTI-CURL line is finally here! Whilst formulating and experimenting, we discovered and learned a lot about curly hair: its needs, its structure, the various types of curls, and how to keep them all bouncy and healthy. Extensive detailed research and countless trials later, here we are today, presenting the results of these exciting and months of work. ELASTI-CURL is the ideal synthesis to take care of curly and wavy hair. It combines the experience of Insight Professional with the best Phytoextracts and ingredients that promote hydration, nourishment, and shine. elasti-curl model Having worked with hair for over seventy years, we know that each hair is a world of its own. This is a known truth, but it is even more so when it comes to curly hair: a mosaic of patterns, textures, and shapes, all different. No two curls are alike, so how do you create a product that can satisfy all types of curls? Listening, observing, and trying. Our goal was to formulate a delicate but moisturising wash, create high-quality protective and multitasking styling and finishing products. The focus was placed on the strengths of curly hair, working to create a line capable of preserving hydration, helping to detangle, condition, and nourish. Another great plus of the ELASTI-CURL line is that it can improve the elasticity of the strands, helping to reactivate and preserve the memory of the curl pattern, making it defined and bouncy. ELASTI-CURL is an essential line: three products to be used individually or combined for maximum results. Let’s explore the products. elastic-curl range DELICATE PURE SHAMPOO This shampoo is a real curly treat. With a waxy, buttery consistency, it was designed as a sort of co-wash, but with superior washing power: thanks to delicate surfactants and Coconut, Chia, and Sacha Inchi Phyto-oils it nourishes and moisturises the hair during washing, leaving it clean, soft, and healthy. STYLING CREAM FOR CURLY HAIR A styling cream with an anti-frizz effect. This wonder cream keeps the hair defined, even in humid weather, and creates soft and elastic curls, without weighing them down. It highlights the pattern of the individual strands, while preserving volume, without leaving residues. ELASTICIZING OIL FOR CURLY HAIR A nourishing and elasticizing oil that seals the cuticles while maintaining moisture inside the hair. Its mixture of Phyto-oils makes it perfect for different uses, both as a finishing product and as a pre-shampoo treatment. This last use, especially recommended for thicker and denser curls, consists of applying a dose of elasticizing oil to dry hair before shampooing and keeping it on for half an hour or more. This process will help untangle the hair and give it a boost of nourishment. ELASTI-CURL, the latest Insight Professional innovation is ready to reactivate your curls!




What is the COSMOS NATURAL certification?

This internationally recognised strict standard was developed by the five main European certifying agencies for natural and organic cosmetics (BDIH – Germany, COSMEBIO & ECOCERT – France, ICEA – Italy, SOIL ASSOCIATION – United Kingdom) and it establishes the requirements to be met in order for a cosmetic product to be called genuinely organic and/or natural AND are produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices. Its purpose is the application of the principles of sustainable development throughout the cosmetics supply chain, from the characterisation of the raw materials to the distribution of the finished products. These rules are:
  • Promote the use of products from organic agriculture, respecting biodiversity;
  • Use of natural resources in a responsible way, respecting the environment;
  • Use of processes and productions that are clean and respectful of human health and 
of the environment;
  • Integration and development of the Green Chemistry concept.
The final goal is to deal with the issues that are essential for the environment and for the well-being of humans on the planet, to promote the development of more and more natural and organic cosmetic products.

Why we chose to ensure COSMOS NATURAL certification:

We have always wanted to advocate clean products that are sustainable, we want to hold ourselves to the highest standards so that our customers can, in turn, be assured of our efforts. By achieving our COSMOC NATURAL certification our customers know they are part of a planet changing movement. We love our planet, we love our products and we love our customers, so transparency is key for our continual thriving relationship; the trust of our customers means everything to us.

How are our products COSMOS NATUAL?

  • Our formulations contain a high percentage of natural origin ingredients;
  • The percentage of components of natural origin is indicated on the finished product;
  • Our packaging is minimal to decrease the impact on the environment.

If you’d like to read more about the COSMOS NATURAL certification click here.

sulphate and silicone free shampoo

Should I use sulphate and silicone free shampoo?

We’re finally asking the right questions and becoming increasingly informed about haircare! One of the biggest questions out there is about sulphate and silicone free shampoo..Let’s explore.

What is Sulphate?

A Sulfate is a salt that forms when sulphuric acid reacts with another chemical. It’s a broader term for other synthetic sulphate-based chemicals you may be concerned about, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES); these two types are most commonly used in the haircare industry. If you’d like to know the difference between SLS and SLES click here. They’re derived from sulphur which does in fact occur naturally, yet is usually synthesised from petrolatum) and Lauryl alcohol (often from coconut oil). Sulphates have long been added to many products (as mentioned above), due to their foaming, oil and grease emulsifying, polishing abilities. To find out all you need to know bout Sulphate Free Shampoo Click Here.

What does sulphate do to hair?

Sulphates are known for their skin irritating, frizz causing, colour fading, and skin/hair dehydrating effects; who wants that right?

Are sulphates sustainable?

Besides negative hair and scalp outcomes, when looking at Sulphates from a conscious perspective (as we do at INSIGHT), we question the sustainability of those using sulphates in their products! We at INSIGHT choose products that do not have a negative affect on the planet! Companies using sulphates are using Petrolatum;  a diminishing material- the main reason Eco-friendly, sustainable companies are banishing the ingredient from their products!

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a manmade substance that has been used for years in household products, cosmetics, and hair care products; from shampoos and conditioners to serums and heat protectors. Far from natural; silicone is a rubber/plastic like substance. It is primarily used as a sealant against water and even air!

What does silicone do to hair?

Shampoo containing silicone seals hair strands, creating the illusion of shine;  fake shine that is far from healthy, it’s simply a refection from the plastic like substance. Desired shine comes from hair cuticle layers being sealed naturally, and reflecting light. This is only possible when hair is deeply nourished, hydrated and healthy. In addition to false shine, when using silicone shampoos, hair is weighed down, making it limp, lifeless and eventually extremely dull. As silicone makes a seal around each hair, moisture and air cannot penetrate it.  Hair becomes unbelievably brittle and dry, leading to breakage and frizz. Overall, silicone in shampoo blocks nutrients and essential moisture penetrating hair and leads to an unhealthy, weak condition and look.

Should I use sulphate and silicone free shampoo?

Absolutely, by using sulphate and silicone free shampoo you’re protecting your, or your clients hair, scalp and making a conscious, sustainable choice. All of our hair care is both sulphate and silicone free for these reasons.  
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rebuild serum and filler

INSIGHT REBUILD: New Product Launch



(v) re· build build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.

  Hair is an essential part of our image: it plays an important role, both psychological and social, in the expression of our identity. Changing the shape and colour of your hair becomes a way to communicate your personality to society. Often, however, in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to resort to chemical and thermo-mechanical treatments to modify the hair’s structure, sometimes running the risk of damaging the hair fibres. In addition, some environmental agents such as exposure to sunlight, dust, and pollution can also affect hair health, causing dryness, brittleness, and loss of shine. Further Consequences: Loss of strength of the hair fibre and deterioration of the hair’s appearance and integrity; hair becomes frizzy, damaged, lifeless, and dull. Hence the importance of formulating products that are effective in providing visible improvement in the appearance of the hair as well as structural restoration. REBUILD is Insight’s professional hair reconstruction system; it offers two innovative, effective and functional formulations for professional salon use:
  1. Hair Filler Serum

  2. Hair Cuticle Sealer

The REBUILD line was developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna. The formulas of both products are rich in ingredients of natural origin that help restore the integrity of the hair fibre and its protein content, improving shine, comb-ability, strength and elasticity. IN VIVO & IN VITRO TESTS To evaluate the effectiveness of Insight REBUILD products, two different types of tests have been performed.
  • In vivo tests, mainly based on sensory analysis, i.e. a set of methods that access the characteristics of a product using the primary human senses. The model test belongs to this category.
  • In vitro tests, through laboratory analyses on hair samples. This type of test involves using highly specific instrumental methods, capable of providing accurate measurements of a certain skin or hair feature.
CHOOSING THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS When hair is damaged, the cuticle scales tend to rise, resulting in the loss of lipids, which are naturally present in the hair fibre. The choice of functional active ingredients is therefore essential to restore the hair to its original state of health: vegetable oils, for example, help rehydrate the hair fibre (especially the outermost layer), favouring its strength, shine, and combability. Plant-derived active ingredients are also great antioxidants, and necessary to protect the proteins and lipids of the hair which are easily oxidized and degraded by sunlight, external agents, heat, and treatments. Active ingredients within the Rebuild line insight rebuild + ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL Avocado oil is the ideal ingredient to take care of fragile, brittle and lifeless hair. A natural source of lecithin and potassium, it is rich in elements that make it particularly valuable in the treatment of damaged hair. It helps to make the hair shinier and stronger. + PHYTOKERATIN A blend of plant-derived hydrolysed proteins with an amino acid profile very similar to hair keratin, able to increase the resistance to traction and improve some characteristics of wet and dry hair, such as softness, comb-ability, or the maintenance of styling. + EXTRACTS OF BROWN AND RED ALGAE These extracts, in combination with plant-derived proteins, contribute to the stable restoration of KAPs within the hair cortex. In this way, they help to increase hair mass and strengthen the hair structure. They are also rich in mineral salts, polyphenols, and polysaccharides, and therefore play a remineralising role, essential in restoring damaged hair to its ideal state of health. + MAGNOLIA AND GINGER EXTRACTS A combination of plant-derived extracts to protect the hair from protein oxidation, maintaining the integrity of the hair structure, ensuring the strength of the hair fibre, and improving shine. + PRACAXI OIL Rich in lipids similar to those of the superficial layer of the hair, it helps to restructure and protect the outermost part of the hair. PRODUCTS STEP 1 – HAIR FILLER SERUM The Hair Filler Serum is the first phase of the REBUILD treatment. It has a formula with a more basic pH than that of the hair, to facilitate the opening of the scales, as well as being rich in ingredients that can deeply penetrate and repair the hair cortex from the inside. How to use
  1. Cleanse the hair with Intech Pre-treatment shampoo
  2. Towel dry the hair removing excess water
  3. Distribute the Hair Filler Serum on damp hair
  4. Leave on for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of hair
  5. Rinse with water only
  6. Proceed with the Hair Cuticle Sealer
STEP 2 – HAIR CUTICLE SEALER The Hair Cuticle Sealer is the second phase of the REBUILD treatment. It performs a conditioning action to close and smooth the hair cuticles. Its acidic pH formula, to be applied after rinsing the Hair Filler Serum, contains ingredients that can protect the external cuticle, sealing the nourishment previously provided inside the hair and improving its shine. How to use
  1. After rinsing the Hair Filler Serum off, apply the Hair Cuticle Sealer to hair that has been carefully towel-dried
  2. Leave on for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of hair
  3. Rinse with water only
  4. Style and dry hair
rebuild serum and filler  
reuse reduce recycle


The road to sustainable packaging is underway worldwide, we are ecstatic to see so many businesses following stride and   introducing sustainable choices. But enough about others, we want to tell you all about INSIGHT, and our choice to REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE.

Firstly, what is sustainable packaging?

A widely shared definition of sustainable packaging is, “Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. This involves increased use of life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint.”

Why do we need sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is highly important in the modern world. It reduces the ecological footprint of all stages in a product’s life-cycle. Sustainable packaging helps both the producer (INSIGHT) and the consumer (YOU) to reduce environmental impact. The impact humankind has caused for the planet is by far one the greatest challenges faced today, and will continues to future generations. Making change now increases positive change for the planet and for those who will inhabit it for years to come. So, with a view to greater social and environmental responsibility, it is necessary to continually improve packaging design AND innovate each phase of the product life cycle, hence our philosophy to REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE.

Tell me more…

The concept of Life Cycle Design is becoming increasingly popular in the packaging world. It’s a design methodology based on the concept of Life Cycle Assessment, which is the analysis of the life cycle of products. In short, thinking about packaging throughout its life cycle, from production to logistics, from distribution to consumption, up to its recycling: the objective, as mentioned above, is to minimise waste, reducing the impact on environment and society. A main feature of Life Cycle Design is the process of packaging reuse. Designing a bottle, a jar or a box that can exist beyond the life expectancy of the product it contains; this is the best way to act eco-responsibly, giving added value to the product itself. For this reason, INSIGHT is proud of packaging designed not only to be used and recycled but also to be reused. All our bottles and jars, once their primary function of preserving, protecting or transporting products has been exhausted, can be transformed into something else, through innovative and above all, sustainable solutions.


Exfoliation, the answer to perfectly smooth and healthy skin. If you aren’t already exfoliating as part of your standard skin care routine, we suggest adding the step in immediately (thank us later). An exfoliating treatment involves removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin via various methods including chemical, physical or by use of an exfoliation tool. Insight Skin Body Scrub is a physical method whereby the product contains small particles that gentle buff the surface layer of the skin to eliminate dead skin cells. Although your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new ones every 30 days our so, often, dead cells are still present. When they do not fully shed, the result can be dry, flakey patches and clogged pores, exfoliating prevents all of these possibilities.

Benefits of using Insight skin Body Scrub are:

  • Improved skin appearance (bright, smooth and even)
  • Healthier pores that remain free of debris
  • Increased blood circulation (exfoliating stimulates blood flow under the skin)
  • Restored natural hydration to the epidermis and therefore creates the perfect base for absorbing nutrient rich creams or other subsequent treatments


Our wonderful body scrub contains Organic Rooibos Extract, Quartz Scrub and Cherry Scrub. Organic Rooibos Extract is packed with antioxidants and is rich in alpha hydroxy and zinc; health boosting ingredients for skin. Alpha hydroxy not only reduces the signs of ageing but also revitalises the skin. Zinc heals wounds, protects against UV rays and has anti-inflammatory properties, which could alleviate acne, pimples and sunburn. Quartz Scrub is a purifier that opens the heart at all levels. This wonder ingredient delivers inner healing, clear complexity and rebounds negative energy. Its greatest skin healing qualities are its ability to reduce and release impurities and stresses int he skin. Cherry Scrub is super charged with vitamins and antioxidants, it can even be considered the holy grail of skin-brightening. There is also an abundance of vitamins A, B, C and , which are famous for sustaining the healthiest skin and for helping with pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

How to use: massage on damp skin, then rinse.

  • NICKEL TESTED < 0,5 ppm
insight skin body scrub
add volume to flat hair

10 Tips And Tricks: Add Volume To Flat Hair

We all dream of thick, voluminous hair, and when we see celebs and influencers online or in magazines with beautiful big bounce, it can be frustrating! Unfortunately, there are a fair few reasons why your hair is on the flat side. But, before you get disheartened, there are bundles of things you can do to add volume to flat hair! Plus, you can never believe what you see online or in magazines, your favourite influencers and celebs probably have the same hair struggles you do! Here are our professional tips to add volume, bounce and a big smile!

1. Use a light volumizing shampoo and conditioner 

Volume starts in the shower! No we don’t mean your loud music, but that may help too, so pump the tunes! We mean your shampoo and conditioner! Make sure you are using a super lightweight product that is specially designed to add volume and moisturise. Try our Volumizing, Volume Up range!
insight volumizing shampoo
INSIGHT Volumizing, Volume Up shampoo

2. Don’t apply conditioner on your roots 

We would be lost without conditioner! But, did you know it should only be used on your mid-lengths to ends? We’re all guilty of slathering a handful all over our heads, but this is a prime hair flattening mistake! When you cleanse your hair with shampoo,  your cuticles open up looking for nourishment and moisture, when you dump a truckload of conditioner on scalp (a natural oil source) it will suck up the conditioner and hold it, making roots greasy, heavy and of course, flat! This little trick will not only add volume to flat hair but will also stop you having to use 3 bottles of conditioner to every 1 of shampoo!

3. Blow-dry 

Chances are, if you have flat hair, it probably air drys super fast and straight! But don’t be tempted to sky the blow-dry if you want that volume! Use a volumizing treatment spray and get that blow-dry technique down (tips below). For incredible volume, hydration and hair health, try INSIGHT Volumizing Volume Up Hydrating Spray:
insight volumizing volume up
INsight volumizing volume up spray

4. It’s all in the technique 

Start off your drying journey with your head flipped upside -down, no need for a hair brush at this point. This lifts hair at the root and will rough up your cuticle for max volume.  Once  your hair is a little over half dry, flip back up to the real world and start blow-drying the mid-ends to smooth and soften. Avoid flattening your roots and losing the texture you just worked so hard to add!

5. Roll up, roll up

Post blow-drying, section off flat pieces of hair (parallel to your shoulders) at the crown, and roll them into Velcro rollers. Heat the rolled hair with a hairdryer and allow to cool, or blast with the hairdryer’s cool setting; you’ll get an instant hair crown!

6. Get Colourful

Add colour for texture! Fine hair will transform after a full head of highlights! Your cuticles will get a little rough, meaning your hair will lift and hold styling longer. Head to your local INSIGHT salon for best colour results with the least possible damage!  
INCOLOR: Professional hair colour
INCOLOR: Professional hair colour

7. Dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo is your best friend when looking to add volume to flat hair! Not only can you achieve volume, but with a powder you can make hair appear thicker and fuller, prolong your styling, and cleanse your scalp! Check out INSIGHT’s Daily Use Bodifying Dry Shampoo for all these fabulous benefits!
insight daily use dry shampoo
INsight Daily Use Dry Shampoo

8. Take a break 

You shouldn’t be shampooing daily anyway, but with flat, thin hair you should be shampooing even less! Cut back on the hair washing and opt for a high quality dry shampoo to fill in the days (above). You’ll see the volume difference within the week!

9. Use soft-hold hairspray

When using hairspray, always use soft-hold, heavy products will weigh your hair down and make it appear even flatter! Our INSIGHT Styling Medium Hold Ecospray will blow you away! You’ll get soft hold, beautiful volume and added healthy shine! Oh, and did we mention, it smells INCREDIBLE!!!  
insight styling medium hold ecospray
INsight Styling Medium Hold Ecospray

10. Learn to love mousse 

We all fear mousse thanks to our parents! Mousse has come a long way since its frozen, crunchy, drying, old school formula. Today, mousse is soft, hydrating and fabulous! Using a small amount on wet hair and combing through to ends before blow drying will give you serious lift! Try INSIGHT’s Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse for body, elasticity and oomph!
INsight Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse
INsight Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse
We hope you have enjoyed our 10 Tips And Tricks: Add Volume To Flat Hair blog! Let us know which tips and tricks you have tried and tested to add volume to your flat hair! Tell us on Facebook or Instagram.    
INCOLOR: Professional hair colour



Click the link Below to read our clarification of INSIGHT skin testing guides


INSIGHT Incolor patch testing in action!

Whether you’re a long term Incolor technician or you’re new to INSIGHT, you’ll know how important it is to carry out skin testing. Below is a video guide of how to test INSIGHT products.